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Introducing Schema Creator for Google’s new structured data format does its best to explain how schemas work. But do you understand them? I thought I did. The first time I created schemas for my own blog, I got really excited. Knowing me, I probably bounced up and down a little and told everyone … Read More

Hang out with us Friday on Google Plus

  So, how ’bout that Myspace-Justin Timberlake deal? Just kidding, no one cares about that. Google+ is, of course, all anyone in the Internet marketing community is talking, blogging or pontificating about. While some are still trying to get into the damn thing for the first … Read More

Raven adds Google Webmaster Tools to its online marketing platform

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) has become a standard for website owners who need better insight into how Google views and treats their site. That’s why Google Webmaster Tools is now available to all Raven accounts. All you need is a Google Account associated with GWT. … Read More

Travel apps and essentials: tools we can’t live without

I’m a travel rat. If the boss man said to me, “Groves, go home and pack a bag, I need you in London by tomorrow morning,” I’d go willingly. However, the amount of traveling we do at Raven comes at a price: keeping up with … Read More

Tools we love: Sparrow email app for Mac

There’s an email app for Mac that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s called Sparrow. I’ve been looking for a low profile, yet highly functional email app for quite some time. I finally found what I was looking for with Sparrow. Perhaps inspired by the … Read More

Raven’s favorite project management tools

There’s anal, super anal and OCD anal. Raven has all three types of planners on its team. Although our development team sticks with Raven partner Basecamp for select projects and OmniPlan for Gantt charts, we marketing and product dreamers can’t commit. Finding “the next best … Read More

Evernote is my Everything

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of software that centralizes all of my stuff. In fact, I’ve dedicated the last four years to doing just that for Internet marketing. Evernote is software that centralizes all of my stuff. I can store and access my … Read More

How to leverage social search with great content

Now that social signals are taken into account by search engines and Google is cracking down on content farms, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to quality content and social media as part of your SEO efforts and your entire marketing plan. Research … Read More

Win the Ultimate Web Developers Package!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED Our friends over at Nettuts+ and CodeCanyon launched a developer contest today, where one lucky winner will receive the “Ultimate Web Developers Package.” In total, they’re giving away $41,000 worth of developer prizes—including one-year Raven Solo Accounts to three lucky … Read More