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  • Productivity Tools We Love: F.lux

    Productivity Tools We Love: F.lux

    Step aside, insomnia. Social jet lag is the sleep disorder du jour. You might not have heard the term, but you’ll probably recognize the pattern: On weekdays, you average six hours of sleep a night after staring at your laptop for the last hour before bed. On …

  • 8 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2015

    8 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2015

    When it comes to WordPress, I like to use as few plugins as possible. As WordPress has improved, I’ve been able to drop many of the plugins I’ve used. However, the number of plugins I continue to use and recommend has actually stayed about the …

  • Productivity Tools We Love: iDoneThis

    Productivity Tools We Love: iDoneThis

    Almost every busy professional has some kind of to-do list. When I kept mine on paper in a reporter’s notebook, it felt great to draw a line through each item when I was finished. At the end of the workday, I would review what I …

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Productivity Tools We Love: CoSchedule

If you’re the editor of a blog, you know that the road to a consistent editorial calendar is paved with good intentions. And it usually ends in hell. It’s hard to create a regular publication schedule. It’s even harder to stick to one. You may … Read More

Productivity Tools We Love: Slack

Developers. Marketers. R&D. Customer Education. Analysts. Systems Engineers. We have a lot of people at Raven doing a lot of jobs, using a lot of tools to do them. And although we’re all in one big room, internal communication is a challenge. Yammer was too … Read More

Are You Vulnerable? A Security Checklist For Marketers

When was the last time you double checked to make sure your data is secure? What about the data you handle for your clients? We recently told folks using Raven software they should change their passwords after we responded to the Heartbleed bug, which affected half the … Read More

Say Goodbye to FeedBurner and Hello to FeedPress

Poor FeedBurner. It appears to have been neglected for years, and the RSS service doesn’t seem to fit anywhere into the Google+ ecosystem. That can only mean one thing. It will go the way of the Dodo bird Google Reader. There is hope for publishers … Read More

10 web tools for making quote photos

I’m a word person. Although I’m married to a brilliant designer and surrounded by many visually-oriented friends, I can’t design my way out of a paper bag. But even I can see the writing on the wall: photos are the new headlines. We can’t stop … Read More

Google Alerts for link building and social monitoring

Imagine an advanced web monitoring software solution that pulls data straight from Google, monitors your brand and competitors, mines information about your industry and helps locate guest post opportunities – all without costing you a dime. That tool is Google Alerts. I first started tapping into the potential of … Read More

Little blog scores big rankings: A Schema Creator case study

I’ve been pretty vocal over the years of my love of WordPress. There’s a huge benefit to building your entire site with WordPress and making it easy to edit, structure, and maintain. I have a variety of hobby blogs that my husband and I maintain, … Read More

How to manage your day job and your community

Are you a community manager? Before you say no, know this: If you’re the one running any of your business’ social media outlets then you, my friend, are indeed a community manager. Yep. You’re welcome. A community manager is the person monitoring and engaging on … Read More

Ultimate List of conversion optimization tools

The goal of any website is to get a user to take action. Whether you’re trying to get them to subscribe to your blog, buy a product, fill out a contact form or anything else, it’s all about improving your conversion rate. With that in … Read More

10 tools to help you blog better

Sometimes a blog post flows out of you with ease. You’re typing at 100 words per minute, just trying to keep up with how fast the words are coming to you. You feel like you were born to write the most glorious blog post ever. … Read More