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Social Media Week: Q&A with Dave Wieneke

We’re in the midst of Social Media Week. It’s an occasion to focus on our understanding of social media marketing as it continues to evolve. The San Diego Online Marketing Summit is underway and speaker Dave Wieneke, director of digital marketing for the largest United … Read More

Prioritize your website, not your social media accounts

The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites has marked the beginning of the march away from the conventional business website. Where does the primary user engagement and conversion need to be, a third-party social media website or the company website? Many businesses, … Read More

Does Chipotle kill cats—and tweet private customer orders, too?

When I read about the Chipotle-dead cat-Facebook-hacker conspiracy this morning, I laughed and passed along the link to a couple of my colleagues. We're outspoken fans of Chipotle — especially its online ordering system — and we were willing to give the company a break. Then this exchange happened this afternoon, and it made me wonder if there's another conspiracy. Read More

5 easy ways to grow a social media audience

Navigating the social media sea can be treacherous for small business professionals, especially if you aren’t exactly sure how to steer the ship. Between blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the countless other social media platforms, you have to know exactly how to catch and keep the … Read More

What is Diaspora, and how does it affect social media marketing?

The most popular social network, Facebook, wants you to use their network for one reason: so they can profit from your data. That’s an excellent goal for a business, but it’s not so excellent for its users. Facebook is banking on presenting a service that’s … Read More

How to Manage Privacy for Facebook Places

I continue to count the days until Diaspora becomes a reality. While it’s still somewhat vaporware, I love the idea of having a privacy aware, personally controlled, open source social network. For now, though, we have Facebook to contend with. Facebook has been taking a … Read More

Find Us On Facebook!

Raven HQ is located in Nashville, Tennessee, right on what residents refer to as “Music Row.” On my drive into the office each morning, I pass a banner hanging outside a music company touting how many views one of their music videos has on YouTube. The … Read More

The Ultimate List of Niche Social Networks

As participation marketing continues to gain traction as the most effective way to market a website, niche social networks are emerging as a crucial part of that strategy. While Facebook and Twitter can play an integral part in social media campaigns, they don’t always have … Read More

Social Networking for B2B and B2C

Social networking and the establishment and maintenance of relationships isn’t new to marketing. Businesses have been doing that for years. However, only recently have we moved to a new method of interaction – online participatory marketing. Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) … Read More

Twitter Spam Factors & Automated Marketing

Twitter recently sent out an email notifying users about their updated Terms of Service. They wrote a blog entry about it, and one of the interesting links was to their Twitter Rules page. Although this document was published in January – what year, who knows … Read More