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Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Social Media for Agencies

Social Media For Agencies — Starting, Leveraging and Tracking a Profitable Social Media Practice Session description: Overcome the cultural and business model hurdles to create a profitable social media practice area. Set up procedures to quickly understand program effectiveness. The role of mobile in any … Read More

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Facebook 2.0

Facebook 2.0: How agencies can transform Facebook into a powerful engagement channel Session description: In this super session, a panel of agency, client side and academia experts discuss the Facebook 2.0 ideal state, best practices and actionable steps to turn Facebook into a powerful relationship … Read More

Bolo 2011 Keynote: UnMarketing -Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

UnMarketing – Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. Session description: Online and offline methods of staying in front of your client’s target audience, plus practical tools to implement the tactics right away. Speaker: Scott Stratten The skinny “At every point of engagement, you are marketing your business.” … Read More

Email marketing techniques working right now

Live from DMA 2011 Boston What’s Working Now: Email, Online and Direct Marketing Programs: This session explores what offers work, what techniques work and what is driving strong direct marketing results now for email, social, mobile, emerging media and integrated marketing initiatives. Speaker: Jay Schwedelson, … Read More

Is social media the new direct marketing? Can it be measured the same way?

Live from DMA 2011 Boston The Intersection of Social Media and Direct: Learn how merging social media campaigns with established best practice direct marketing strategies can create a winning formula. Speaker: Maryssa Miller, Vice President of E-Commerce at Create the Group. Things in quote marks … Read More

What does Twitter’s mean for brands?

Mmmmm, tacos. Sorry, I mean After rolling out its link-wrapping service more than a year ago, Twitter has recently begun converting the vast majority of shared links to this delicious form. And there’s more to come—much of which will affect how brands operate on … Read More

Google Plus alters the landscape of Google Image search

Every month or so ago, I search my name on Google Image. I do this mostly because I’m curious if and when a particular photo of Raven’s Alison Groves and me at a 2010 PubCon party will drop to, say, page 13. After checking every … Read More

How to stalk us on Google Plus

Until the new business page option for Google+ comes along, you may be wondering where to find Raven news and staffers on Google+. Yes, you could look for us by name, but to help you out, we thought we would give you a click-and-circle list … Read More

MozCon 2011: Insanely Creative Ways to Make Your Audience Spread the Word

Insanely Creative Ways to Make Your Audience Spread the Word Session description: Few people on the planet have held such diverse and interesting positions as Bob Rains, and even fewer have had his success. Bob’s talk will share amazingly cool creative strategies and how to … Read More

Google+ runs Circles around Diaspora

After a painful series of failed attempts to compete with other social networks, Google is giving it another go with a new service called the Google+ project. The key features of Google+ include text and video chatting (Huddle and Hangouts), automatic sharing of photos (Instant … Read More