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The nine top social media stories of 2011

With even the Pentagon getting their feet wet with social media this year, the industry saw major growth – and growing pains in 2011. Here are nine of the biggest social media stories of the year. What are your picks? 1. Photos finish first While … Read More

300+ Internet marketing predictions for 2012

If you love lists, top 10s and bullet points (and, come on, as Internet marketers this stuff is our bread and butter), the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a gold mine. We all try to make sense of the year by cataloging its … Read More

How to create a social customer care hub with Raven

Customer care is everything. It’s in every facet of your organization. A developer fixes a problem. Someone on your marketing staff interacts with a client at an event. A publicist notices a complaint and helps assist. All of these touch points require your team to … Read More

10 trends from SMX Social Media Marketing 2011

SMX Social Media Marketing in beautiful Scottsdale, Ariz., just wrapped up yesterday and I have full-fledged conference brain. You know, the kind of mind melt that happens when your head is just too full of great new information and all the conversations you’ve had with … Read More

How Sony connects social media monitoring to ROI (and you can, too)

Love. Help! Delicious. Decent. Style. The words that customers use in social spaces give you significant insight about how they think—and feel—about your product or services. If you mine social media conversations for word trends, you’ll probably be surprised by the results. But surprise or … Read More

Why Raven employees have Raven in their Twitter handles

It’s a question we get a lot. If Raven has a main company Twitter account—@RavenTools—then why do Raven employees use Raven Twitter handles, too? Like this… @RavenArienne (that’s me) @RavenJon (Jon Henshaw) @RavenCourtney (Courtney Seiter) …and so on. (There are more. Go follow them if … Read More

60 seconds in social media

Why is real time so important in social media? Simply put: Because social media moves really, really fast. As Raven got ready to launch our new real-time Social Stream features, we were happy to uncover an infographic from Vancouver-based social media agency Popcorn that helps … Read More

Are you a social media tool?

At Raven, we’re all about tools – it’s even in our name. But even though we create awesome Internet marketing tools, we’d never want to be called a tool. So in the interest of public service, we asked our fans, friends, followers and the Internet … Read More

50 Ways To Max Out Your Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is more than simply replying when your brand is mentioned on Twitter. It’s even more than responding to every mention, review and comment — positive or negative. The best social media monitoring strategies propel you beyond simply reacting to what others are … Read More

26 more SEO and social tips from SearchLove

Distilled’s SearchLove conference Day One was pretty good, with 25 great SEO and social tips I shared with you yesterday. Day Two brought even more tips and tricks from some of the best practitioners in the world. Here’s the wrap-up. Personalization, profiles and privacy Ciaran … Read More