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Social media and the art of being interested

Are you one of those people who has a hard time remembering names when you meet someone new? I was, too – and then I learned what the problem was: I’m a jerk. It turns out that how well you can remember names has nothing … Read More

8 1/2 types of content that go viral on Pinterest

It’s official: the Internet community has officially gone off the deep end over Pinterest. We tweet our pins. We Facebook our pins. We write articles about how Pinterest is the Next Big Thing and how it Sends So Much Traffic and how it’s basically the … Read More

50+ huge ideas from #SoSlam

Social Slam April 27 in Knoxville, Tenn., was a day of big ideas, big speakers and big fun. If you weren’t there, or even if you were and just couldn’t keep up with it all, here’s a cheat sheet of more than 50 of the … Read More

Break the rules! How to create YOUR social media strategy

Have you noticed a change happening lately in social media? Brands are beginning to take control of their social media destiny. They’re ditching the averages, the best-time-to-tweet rules and best practices and doing what works for them. And it’s about time. Why is it happening … Read More

10 questions with social business expert Amber Naslund

One of the best-known names in social media thought is Amber Naslund. The co-author of the best-selling business book The NOW Revolution, about the impact that social media has on how businesses work today, Amber is also the co-founder and president of SideraWorks, a social … Read More

15 questions brands should ask before getting on Pinterest

If you’ve been debating whether to get on the Pinterest bandwagon, it may be time. The image-sharing social network is now one of the top 30 US websites based on total pageviews. Pinterest received more than 103 million total US visits in February – a … Read More

28 definitions of social media ROI

Recently on our Facebook page we asked a simple question. The topic? Only a few little words, but so capable of striking fear into the hearts of social media marketers everywhere. As for the answers, we got everything from “blahblahblah” to “fun and profitable” (we’re … Read More

Social media monitoring for strategic business decisions

There’s nothing like 30 Rock satire. When I started talking at Social Media Explorer’s inaugural Explore event for social media marketers in Dallas last week, I wasn’t sure if the concept of using social media exclusively to listen for business strategies was too simple, too … Read More

New Social Features: Facebook Insights, Quick Views, editing posts and lots more

Today we’re announcing a new batch of updates designed to help you get more done, more easily in the social space. The updates include lots of stuff you’ve been requesting (ability to edit scheduled tweets, for example) as well as some other features we dreamed … Read More