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Monitoring Social Media Sentiment for Marketing

Monitoring sentiment – or the public’s general attitude toward a specific profession, person, or topic – can be helpful for branding, content production and marketing. Through social monitoring in Raven Tools, we are able to monitor social networks for important keywords as well as explore … Read More

Social Media ROI: It’s Not One Size Fits All

I wasn’t always a social media marketer. In my past life, I was a reporter and editor for magazines and newspapers. Yes, like so many now-marketers, I was a journalist. And if you know anything about journalists, you know that we really, really don’t like … Read More

Is your business ready for Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook has always been good at connecting people, but the social network’s new Graph Search feature takes this underlying principle to a whole new level. Graph Search, which is rolling out slowly now public for all Facebook users, introduces a powerful search element to Facebook … Read More

Social media success tips for small businesses

We’ve all heard the success stories of huge brands in social media. Oreo’s real-time marketing savvy. Coke’s extensive content investment. Skittles’ gleefully weird social media voice. But social media marketing isn’t just for big brands – far from it. While you’ll certainly find companies like … Read More

The Foolproof Guide to Measuring Social Media

Let’s talk about every social media marketer’s least favorite subject: Social media ROI. It’s not that we can’t show off some hard numbers when someone asks us that dreaded question. On the contrary, we’re pretty much drowning in data, resources and how-tos. The best social … Read More

What happens AFTER you go viral?

Papa Roux, a little Cajun place on the east side of Indianapolis, isn’t a restaurant you would have heard of if you’re not from the area. That is, before it went viral. You may have heard the story along with the rest of the world: … Read More

An OPEN approach to social media outreach

As link building evolves, it seems like it’s more and more about relationships. Getting access to a new audience is just as important as links and rankings, and relationships are what open the door for you to meet that potential new and qualified fan base. … Read More

The B2B’s guide to finding social media influencers with Twitter

By now, most companies know that social media is a great way to create exposure for a brand. But what if your brand markets to other businesses? In the not-so-recent past, a business-to-business (B2B) company’s marketing strategy leaned heavily on methods like cold calling and print … Read More

Ultimate List of marketing Twitter chats

Twitter is a hub for influential people – including authorities on SEO, social media and online marketing. The difficult part is separating the valuable messages from self-promotion. One way to cut through the noise and get to the good stuff is to find and participate in Twitter … Read More

SMX live blog: ‘Getting Ahead With Google+’

Session description: It’s been over a year since Google CEO Larry Page stated Google+ is the “new DNA” for all aspects of Google. Not yet convinced Google+ is worth the effort? This session is for you. We’ll examine the flexibility to connect with followers, features … Read More