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Batman’s basic SEO: How the Dark Knight manages local business online

If there was one thing we wanted to be growing up, it was probably Batman. Either that or “married to the pink Power Ranger,” but frankly that’s kind of personal – and as far as we’re concerned not off the table yet. Instead, we became … Read More

Technical SEO: The ABCs of 404 Errors

It was 1:15 in the morning as I pulled my Subaru Legacy packed with our luggage, a frightened cat, a bored Boston Terrier/Pug, and a pregnant wife off the freeway into Albuquerque. After 15 hours on the road, it was time to find our hotel for the … Read More

Community: The best local SEO strategy you’re not using

With the big announcement about Google Plus combining with Google Places to create Local+, a new spotlight is on local SEO – a niche that can have a big impact on small businesses. Local tactics focus on bringing your client or business in front of … Read More

SEO education: How to answer clients’ frequently asked questions

In the agency world, all of our clients are smart businesspeople, right? So when it comes to SEO, why do some of them act so dumb? OK, that was harsh. But can you blame me? Bridging the gap of SEO strategy and explaining that strategy … Read More

#Ravenchat wrap-up: May 2012 with Ross Hudgens

For our May #Ravenchat on Twitter, in which we’re joined by some of smart friends of Internet marketing, we got to hang out with link builder extraordinaire Ross Hudgens. Ross is SEO Manager at Full Beaker Inc. and a well-known blogger and speaker on link … Read More

It’s not you, it’s me: A letter to SEO clients everywhere

Dear SEO clients: It’s not you, I swear. It’s me. I have an agency hangover. I just spent the last four years in agencies, working with everyone from small, local clients to large e-commerce sites. Just like in any other profession, experiences ranged from spectacular … Read More

The Goldilocks guide to SEO

It’s an anxious time for SEO. We’ve got a brand-new Google algorithm update to parse, Webmaster Tools warnings raining down and a general crisis of conscience to boot. Heck, Google may have even thought your site was a “parked domain” when it wasn’t. How’s an … Read More

Citations: Your local search secret weapon

For small businesses, local search is sometimes the only hope for making it to the first page of search results. Even then, things can still get very competitive. You may have heard the recent fuss over “Local Paid Inclusion.” If only getting top local rankings … Read More

Author Rank, SEO and Google Plus: What you need to know

Google has given Internet marketers a new way to prove page quality and authority. It’s Author Rank, and you can still get in on the ground floor. The first I really heard about this approach was at Pubcon 2011 where none other than Google Senior … Read More

How to find new backlink opportunities with Research Central

One of my favorite things about Research Central is how versatile it is. Each section within Research Central can be used in a multitude of ways. Recently I’ve found myself turning to the Backlinks and Keywords sections to discover new backlink opportunities that I wouldn’t … Read More