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How To Prioritize Issues After an SEO Website Audit

It’s doesn’t matter whether you have 100, 1,000 or 11,000 issues after you audit your website for technical SEO issues. Fixing all the problems on the list can seem as impossible a task as putting a broken egg back together. That’s why people often ask … Read More

Can Google Survive Without Search Results? Yes. Can You?

I remember the time when there was no Google and cluttered Web portals were the rule. Simplicity was the key to Google’s success, along with the quality of results. People rejected information overload and chose a clean interface and search result structure. Google also succeeded because … Read More

How To Write Meta Descriptions for Maximum Clicks

They’re easy to ignore and time consuming to write. But well-written meta descriptions — a.k.a. snippets — can strongly influence the amount of traffic that your website receives from a specific search result. It’s important to know what details they should contain, in what format, … Read More

Interview with SEO’s Google Patent Watcher, Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski and I share a path that’s very familiar for many SEOs. We both started out pursuing a completely different profession, but through happenstance found ourselves building, optimizing and marketing sites. I’ve always been drawn towards Bill’s writings, because he’s one of the only … Read More

On SEO Outing

Recently, another blog post “outing” a website for poor SEO practices went viral. Not only was a well-funded startup left looking bad, but its founders made excuses for their tactics, outing six other competitors in the process. Outing has always been somewhat of a hot-button … Read More

The Digital Divide: Marketing to Non-Techies

If you’re reading this, you probably work in Internet marketing in some capacity. But when you get together with family and friends, do you get asked questions about defining an audience or creating engagement? Probably not. Since you “work with computers all day,” chances are … Read More

Are SEOs Selling Out to Google?

SEO gets more difficult. PPC is easier. Google opportunism pays. Are we following the mainstream, aka the path of least resistance? For almost a decade I have compared SEO to getting a driver’s license, while PPC is like paying for a taxi each time you … Read More

How To Animal-Proof Your Website

This article is adapted from the Animal-Proof Your Website webinar. I remember when Google algorithm updates were named Bourbon, Vince and Florida. However, since 2011 we’ve been on an animal roll. While I would have picked more ferocious animals – like mosquito, hippo and Brazilian … Read More

No Keyword Data? It’s Not the End of the World

OK, so the keyword apocalypse is upon us. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to see what keywords are driving your organic search traffic. But this doesn’t have to mean you’re flying blind. I’ve been managing the SEO efforts for larger sites for more than … Read More

Are You Ready For A World Without Keywords?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally set for publication on September 10, which would have made Phil look like a total psychic genius. As we all now know, his prophecy came to pass much faster than even he could have predicted and he made a … Read More