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  • Embrace the New Reality of Link Building

    Embrace the New Reality of Link Building

    It’s always fascinating to me to see what captures the interest of the SEO community. A recent post on Search Engine Land recommending webmasters avoid link building did the trick this time. Based on the comments, it was clear that Google continues to be a …

  • Using Your Worst Nightmare To Fuel Growth

    Using Your Worst Nightmare To Fuel Growth

    There’s a scene in The Sopranos where an up-and-coming rap artist, named Marvin, makes one of the strangest marketing decisions in TV history. He decides to spend $7,000 to get shot. Yes, $7,000 not on social media or a radio spot but on one bullet …

  • How To Stop Referrer Spam

    How To Stop Referrer Spam

    Referrer spam is becoming a problem. If you’re not familiar with referrer spam, it’s traffic from bots that impersonate a referral link. The pseudo traffic is designed to make their domain show up in your site analytics so that you’ll visit the site. Why is …

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SEO is Not To Blame for Your Crap Content

During a hiring phase in November, I interviewed one social media candidate who was an active blogger. I asked him how he optimized his blog for search engines, because a key social media skill is in understanding the interplay between search and social. He told … Read More

How To Escape the Google Penalty Box

If you’re new to the Raven blog, then you may be new to our online training classes also. I’ve conducted two so far (you can find them here and here) and have been amazed at not only how many people stay for the Q&A, but also … Read More

7 Link-Building Predictions for 2015

According to Chinese astrology, every year is associated with an animal with lucky numbers, colors and flowers accompanying the animal for any given year. The year 2015 is the Year of the Goat, and its lucky number is seven. So, in honor of the still … Read More

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Ever since Matt Cutts, head honcho of Google’s Web spam team, announced one year ago this month that Facebook and Twitter signals are not part of the search engine’s ranking algorithm, digital marketers have publicly expressed a collective “WTF?” regarding social media’s impact on driving … Read More

The 5-Step Link Building Strategy

Update: Links are still very much a part of the Web. As such, many of our customers need to stay current on how to go about performing the time-consuming task of link building. We’ve updated this frequently visited post so that new visitors can gain … Read More

How To Explain the Internet to Clients

Many online marketing professionals are walking encyclopedias; they can quote chapter and verse about Google’s latest updates, the state of mobile adoption and the value of responsive design for conversions. Yet, when it comes to explaining SEO benchmarks or how the Internet works, they are … Read More

Data Driven Agency Geeks Out With Raven

When Guillermo Ortiz first founded Geek Powered Studios, there were myriad of Internet marketing software apps available to use. Ultimately, he chose Raven Tools for its scalable pricing and time-saving dashboard features. Four years later, Geek Powered Studios is now poised to scale with the tool. … Read More

3 Technical SEO Wins for Brand New Clients

In most parts of the United States, cooler, autumn weather is upon us. For many in the online marketing world, it’s a time to reflect on the past nine months of work and start thinking about your 2015 to-do list. One of the must items on … Read More

How To Convince Clients There’s Value in SEO

With hundreds of ranking variables, it may seem like an impossible task to communicate the value of SEO to clients, even though Raven makes it easier. While performing technical SEO can be challenging, the value of on-page SEO is easily demonstrated with tools like Site Auditor … Read More

When To Optimize Alt and Title Text for Images

Customers using Raven software have asked, “What’s the difference between alt tags and title text on image files?” My response: Good question. So I went in search of an answer. For those using WordPress, the image upload module offers fields for Title, Caption, Alt Text … Read More