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Did you know? How to “archive” a website in Raven

One great thing about using Raven for your Internet marketing business is that as your client base grows, Raven scales along with you. Whether you’re tracking SEO campaigns for a single client or a hundred, we’ve got your back. But what about when one of … Read More

Case study: How Raven helped a search startup slay time-sucking vampires

Six months ago I was tasked with building a search practice from the ground up. Here’s how I avoided the temporal vampires of common SEO tasks and pulled it off with a little help from Raven Tools. For a startup, time isn’t just money—it’s everything. … Read More

Did you know? Using Raven’s global icons for team management and support

Perhaps you have heard us talk about global icons and you might wonder, what are those Raven folks talking about? Global icons are those six icons you see on the upper right corner of the page. They can be viewed and accessed from any page … Read More

Build better links with Raven’s Link Manager and CRM

We don’t build links anymore, we build relationships. (To be fair, it’s always been this way). So the real information we need when documenting our link building efforts is more about the relationship we’re working on and less about the anchor text (you can debate … Read More

Did you know? Order Textbroker content in Raven

Yes, content is king – but what if you don’t have the time or the resources to create quality, SEO-driven articles for your website? That’s where Raven and Textbroker come in. We integrate with the custom content ordering system to make requesting and receiving the … Read More

Did you know? Keeping tabs on link monitoring usage

If you’re managing multiple link building campaigns, Raven’s link monitoring can save hours of your time. Link monitoring automatically checks your successfully built links – making certain that links are current and any changes to link activity, anchor text and position are well-documented. One way … Read More

Did you know? How to change account owners

All Raven accounts are tied to an account owner – the person in charge of managing the overall account who can perform actions and access sections that sub-users can’t. Sometimes agencies or companies need to change the account owner. This is done by changing the … Read More

Did you know? Use Google Drive to make CSV files Raven-friendly

Importing with a CSV file is a fast way to get all your data into Raven. Anywhere you see the Import Data icon in Raven you can upload a CSV file of data. For instance, you can import keywords to Keyword Manager or import links … Read More

7 steps to better client collaboration with Raven’s CRM

In case you missed it, inside your Raven Tools dashboard is a nifty new CRM feature which landed early in May. It has proved so useful to us that I asked if I could write a post explaining why we think the feature is so … Read More

Did you know? Create Paid Link Groups in Link Manager

A couple of weeks ago, we released an update to Link Manager that gave Link Records the slick visual style of our new CRM tool, along with a few upgrades to make them even more useful. But as fond as we are of the new … Read More