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Did you know? Reporting with Raven’s new Link Report module

Ever since the link reporting module in Raven’s Report Wizard got a big makeover, Raven users have many (and I mean many) options to report on, which is totally awesome if you ask me. Some of the added and improved features include: The ability to organize … Read More

Did you know? Set up recurring tasks in Raven’s Task Manager

We recently announced updates to tasks and messages in Raven. There used to be only two types of tasks: one-time and scheduled. Now there are three. Introducing the resetting task… Say you want a frequent reminder to interact with someone on Twitter, but it doesn’t … Read More

Did you know? How to monitor Google+ in Raven’s Social Monitor

Since the advent of Google+, we’ve received a boatload of requests asking when or if Raven would support Google+ management in the same way that we support Twitter and Facebook. It’s, by far, the most frequently asked question in the Q&A chats during our weekly … Read More

Did you know? How to schedule a Raven report

Not only is Raven a central location for SEO and SEM activities, it’s also a reporting platform – a huge time saver. Reports are perhaps one of the most important keys of any campaign. I’m sure many of you have experienced the “crunch time” moment … Read More

Did you know? Export KnowEm data from Raven

Do you know KnowEm? Many of our Raven customers take advantage of our integration with KnowEm. If you’re unfamiliar with this awesome service, here’s what it does: KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on … Read More

My social media monitoring schedule: the day, the week, the month

Reputation management. Industry trend forecasting. Insights from customers. There are as many good reasons to monitor social media as there are tools to help you do it. As Raven’s community manager, I use the powerful one-two punch of Raven’s Social Stream and Social Monitor to … Read More

Case study: 5 ways Raven helped this agency grow and retain clients

It’s a thin line between love and obsession. That’s the case for PPC expert and entrepreneur John Rampton when he’s describing his feelings for Raven. By day, John is part of the Internet marketing agency team at Maple North in Toronto. By night, John works … Read More

Did you know? Understanding your Raven rankings report

Raven makes reporting on your data a breeze with the Report Wizard, but some reports are so chock-full of information they can be a challenge to explain to your clients. If you’ve ever run a SERP Tracker and Keyword History report and wondered what each … Read More

Did you know? How to hide link types

When you’re dealing with lots of links, it pays to have a system. That’s why Raven’s Link Manager gives you lots of flexibility. You can create and customize link statuses, link types and website types to fit your process. When you’re not using a link … Read More

Did you know? Add multiple social dashboard modules in Raven

When you first log into Raven, or anytime you click the star to the far left, you’ll see the Raven dashboard. This is a great place to see overview information for each website and monitor trends all in one place. To add modules to the … Read More