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Did you know? Auto-import links from Google Analytics

Pop quiz! How many ways can you add links to Link Manager in Raven?     We’ll give you some scroll time to think about it….     Got your answer?     The answer? There are 8 different ways you can add links to … Read More

Did you know? Frequently asked questions about Site Auditor

In the short time it’s been available in beta, we’ve been getting some great feedback on our latest Raven addition, Site Auditor. Our developers are busy making updates to it every day, and we really appreciate all of the suggestions and bug reports our users … Read More

Did you know? Monitor select YouTube videos with Raven

With Raven's advanced YouTube monitoring, you can track and report data for up to 10 individual videos, giving you access to historic data. Here's how. Read More

Getting started with Raven’s Site Auditor

Get started with Raven's new website crawler, Site Auditor. Here's what you need to know to start crawling. Read More

Raven’s Chrome Toolbar for social media

With its one-click site research and link discovery tools, you might think that Raven’s Chrome Toolbar was designed with SEOs in mind. And you’d be partially right. But the powerful tool also has plenty to offer social media practitioners. In fact, let’s go tab by … Read More

Did You Know? Create custom quality scores in Research Central

Recently Raven unveiled an updated Research Central that featured, among other improvements, the Quality Analyzer integrated into the rest of the tool’s many metrics. As always, the Quality Analyzer still offers an overall score that assesses the general quality of a domain. However, Raven users … Read More

Did you know? How to add a new user to Raven

When using Raven in a team or agency, it works best for each member to have his or her own username and password. Managing multiple users this way not only increases your team’s accountability, but also lets you take advantage of Raven’s tasks and messages … Read More

Did you know? How to set up QuickView searches in Raven

Have you heard? Raven’s social tools now have a new and more user-friendly look and lots of new features. It’s also a lot easier to create and use QuickViews in the Social Stream. So, what are QuickView searches? These searches are views that include only sources that you … Read More

Did you know? Pre-pay for Raven and receive a discount

While there are plenty of things in life you can’t put a price on, quality marketing tools are not one of them. Each Raven account includes data from dozens of different sources that would cost several hundred dollars per month if purchased separately — but … Read More

Did you know? Save advanced Twitter searches in Raven

We recently announced some improvements to Raven including new SEO reports, a rebooted Research Central and some social upgrades. Among our social upgrades is the ability to search Twitter from within Raven. Not only can you search Twitter in Raven, you can also save searches, refine searches using Twitter’s … Read More