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Did you know? How to set up QuickView searches in Raven

Have you heard? Raven’s social tools now have a new and more user-friendly look and lots of new features. It’s also a lot easier to create and use QuickViews in the Social Stream. So, what are QuickView searches? These searches are views that include only sources that you … Read More

Did you know? Pre-pay for Raven and receive a discount

While there are plenty of things in life you can’t put a price on, quality marketing tools are not one of them. Each Raven account includes data from dozens of different sources that would cost several hundred dollars per month if purchased separately — but … Read More

Did you know? Save advanced Twitter searches in Raven

We recently announced some improvements to Raven including new SEO reports, a rebooted Research Central and some social upgrades. Among our social upgrades is the ability to search Twitter from within Raven. Not only can you search Twitter in Raven, you can also save searches, refine searches using Twitter’s … Read More

Announcing Raven University

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said any one of these things. Raven has so many tools I don’t have time to learn them all. I just started this job, and there’s no one to teach me to use Raven OR I just hired someone, … Read More

Did you know? Using data comparisons in Raven reports

With our drag-and-drop reporting system, Raven makes it quick and easy to report on data from sources like Google Analytics and Google AdWords. And did you know that for many reporting modules, you can compare that data to a previous period? There are lots of options, … Read More

Did you know? Report multiple websites’ rankings in one report

SERP Tracker is one of the most popular tools in Raven, but the advanced reporting options found in Report wizard are less well known. By default, SERP Tracker reports include the basic data found in your account: your keywords, your search engines and their corresponding … Read More

Did you know? Comparing and reporting ranking changes

Lots of Raven users want to report on how rankings change for their keywords over the course of each reporting period. To make the most of Raven’s capabilities here, it helps to first know the meaning of all the metrics in your Raven rankings report. … Read More

Did you know? Optimize Raven for non-English languages

We have Raven users all over the world. One common question I get from new folks checking out Raven in a trial account is “Does Raven work in Israel/Germany/South Korea/etc?” And the answer (for the most part) is: Yes! If you’re working with non-English data, here are the … Read More

Did You Know? Discover contacts in Raven

Locating contacts for websites you’re prospecting for a link or other relationship can be a tedious job. Raven users, however, are in luck: Our Discover Contacts feature helps you find contacts automatically, saving hours of digging around in search of email addresses associated with your … Read More

Did you know? Sync your Scribe account in Raven

With Raven’s new updates to Content Manager, users are now able to use Copyblogger’s Scribe 4 content analysis tool to help figure out exactly what their work is missing. Not only does Scribe automatically figure out your keyword density and prominence for the most SEO-friendly … Read More