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Did You Know? Move Twitter Accounts Between Websites

One of the most common questions we get in our support inbox is about how to move data from one website to another. Sometimes you need to remake your website to fit with how your Google Webmaster Tools account was set up. Maybe you’re changing … Read More

Did You Know? Understanding Your Raven Content Scores

One of the best features of Raven’s Content Manager is the ability to analyze your content and get structure and keyword recommendations. This is done though our integration of Copyblogger’s Scribe, which helps users optimize content for SEO. Raven also gives you a readability score … Read More

How To Track Social Media Success with Raven’s Event Manager

In my spare time, I’m lucky enough to help the folks over at a great non-profit, South African Youth Education for Stability (SA-YES), with their Web presence. The co-founders and board members are not well versed in Internet marketing practices, but they do know that … Read More

Did You Know? Search Twitter for New Contacts Within Raven

When working in social media, you need to have some kind of strategy for connecting with the right people. Otherwise, you might find yourself shouting into the void at no one in particular. Unless throwing your posts into the vast chasm of space is your … Read More

Did You Know? Report Progress Over Time With Site Performance

You’ve heard about our Site Performance tool, right? Raven customers can find it under the Metrics menu – and I hope you have, because it’s really awesome. It not only gives you a great snapshot of how a website is performing, it also allows you … Read More

Did You Know? How to Export to CSV with Raven Filter Sets

Filter sets are a handy feature for Raven’s data-rich tools. These shortcuts make it easy for you to refine records and pull from lists of data just the information you’re looking for. Previously, we’ve talked about how to create and use filter sets. But there’s … Read More

Did You Know? Create Custom Link Types and Website Types

You know what’s underrated? Organization. At the heart of every successful thing – Internet marketing, writing, deciding what to watch in your Netflix queue – there’s some kind of a system. For link building, Raven provides that system in the form of Link Manager. While … Read More

Did You Know: Does Raven Support My Country?

We have Raven users from all continents (except Antarctica). So customers not in The States, where Raven is based, often want to know whether Raven will work as a solution for their country and language. The answer, for the most part, is: yes! Raven pulls in … Read More

Did you Know? Create and Send Template Messages in Raven

I don’t know about you, but I like templates. They are typically easy to use and they are a huge time saver. In Raven, we use templates to make reporting easy in the Report Wizard. But did you know that you can also create template … Read More

Did you know? How to connect Google Analytics and Google AdWords to Raven

Scenario: Let’s say you landed a new client – or rather they landed you, since I assume you’re awesome. The new client is a car dealership, and they want to ship more cars. You’re going to present a strategy for breaking into social media marketing … Read More