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  • Did You Know? View Data Trends in Google Analytics

    Did You Know? View Data Trends in Google Analytics

    Sometimes the best data tells the simplest story. That’s definitely the case with Raven’s trendlines, which we place over your Google Analytics data to allow you to get a quick overview of the direction your metrics are going. When we launched the new Raven last …

  • Did You Know? Upgrade Your Google Analytics Reports

    Did You Know? Upgrade Your Google Analytics Reports

    In 2013, we radically redesigned Raven, making it a simpler, more modern experience for our users. We also launched some cool new features along with the new Raven, namely a brand-new keyword rankings tool and a major upgrade to Google Analytics. These days, your Google …

  • How to Report Google Analytics Advanced Segments

    How to Report Google Analytics Advanced Segments

    One of the great features about Google Analytics is Advanced Segments. And since you can now see Advanced Segments in Raven it’s easy to not only view specific types of traffic, but also generate a report Here’s how to report Google Analytics Advanced Segments in …

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10 Ways to White Label Raven

When you work with clients (or prospective clients), you want to look your best. Let Raven help. In a few simple steps, you can produce a professional report that lets your brand shine. No matter what degree of branding you want in your reports, Raven … Read More

How To Compare Website Competitors in Raven

Raven’s Competitor Manager is your one-stop destination to keep an eye on all of your site’s competitors. Here, you can: Store and search competitors with ease Add competitors one at a time or in bulk Tag competitors for categorization and reporting You can also compare … Read More

How to Hide Google Webmaster Tools Messages

One of the most valuable tools in Raven is our integration with Google Webmaster Tools, which gives users access to information on crawl issues, related keywords and, of course, keyword ranking data. (You do know that you can authorize your GWT account in Raven to … Read More

Understanding Usage Limits in Raven

The majority of Raven’s 30+ tools are available to all our customers as often and as much as they’d like to use them – for example, we offer unlimited websites and profiles, unlimited white labeling and management of as many social media accounts as you … Read More

What’s a Boolean Search and How Do I Use It?

When I think of Boolean operators, the first thing that comes to mind is Anne Boleyn, Queen of England who married Henry the VIII. I am certain that there is no relation between Anne Boleyn and George Boole – the mathematician that conceived Boolean logic … Read More

How to Report On Unique Visitors in Raven

One of our most requested features in the past has been the ability to view and report on unique visitors through Google Analytics. Good news! That is totally possible in Raven now, thanks to our fancy new custom chart creation functionality. Here’s a guide to … Read More

Sample Email for Site Performance Report

Not sure what to include in a business development email to a prospect? Here’s one example, based on the results of a Raven Site Performance report. Prospect Name, Nice to meet you at the doggie day care summit recently! I came upon your business card … Read More

How to Find Website Competitors Using Raven

Say you have a client who wants to know how their site is stacking up against the competition. What if your client doesn’t really know who the competition is? That’s where a little digging by you – and Raven – comes in. Let’s look at … Read More

How to Create A Branded Report From Anywhere in Raven

I think that we all can agree that generating a report in Raven is pretty easy. When it comes to compiling a report, the Report Wizard is definitively a time saver. And no matter where you are in Raven, you can simply click the Create … Read More

Help, My Dog Ate My Raven Invoice!

What happens if you don’t have a Raven invoice and you need it for accounting purposes? The process is different depending on your level of access within Raven. Here are the steps you need to know. Account Owners If you’re an account owner, you’ll see … Read More