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White Label Your Internet Marketing Tools

We’re excited to announce that you can now White Label Raven with your own logo, setup a custom sub-domain, create unlimited read-only accounts for your clients, and include a secure login form anywhere on your company’s website. Custom Logo and Footer Options The White Label … Read More

Link Building and Link Management Update

Raven just launched a major upgrade to our link management system. It includes an update to the Link Manager, Website Directory, and the addition of a new Contact / Lead Manager for link building. Improved Website Directory The Website Directory is now faster and more … Read More

SERP Tracker API Now Available

We’ve been testing the SERP Tracker API for quite some time. We’re excited to announce that it’s finally available for all Raven users. The API will enable developers to incorporate SERP tracking into their own applications. The API allows you to add and remove keywords, … Read More

What’s the Deal with zi.ma and kl.am?

Most people have heard of zi.ma, a URL shortening service by Martin Bowling. Martin was hosting zi.ma on the server of a mutual friend. There were times in the recent past when zi.ma went down. At least once or twice, we helped fix zi.ma for … Read More

Introducing “kl.am” – The Link-Juice-Loving URL Shortener by Raven

I’ve been wanting to build a link shortener for quite some time. I knew with the mad skillz of RavenScott and RavenJason we could build a stronger, better and more powerful link shortener! So in the midst of PubCon Austin 2009, we did. Introducing kl.am, … Read More

WordPress Plugin Released for Raven Analytics Tracking Code

It’s always nice to debut new software that’s related to Raven’s Internet Marketing Tools. However, it’s even better when someone else has written it! WordPress, a content management and blogging platform that we absolutely love, has an excellent plugin architecture that makes it easy for … Read More

Stalk, Don’t Follow (On Twitter)

Sitening unveiled a fun side project they started earlier this week. It all started with this inspirational tweet and then went horribly wrong when we decided to actually build it! In about four days as a side project from our regular day-to-day client work, we … Read More

Snipplr’s Popularity Continues to Grow With Over 7,000 Registered Users

Snipplr, a social networking code repository created by Sitening, reached over 7,000 registered users today. Thanks to a highly acclaimed redesign, the past year has shown incredible growth for the website. 4,559 users have registered within the last year. Those users have also contributed over … Read More

Sitening Launches Raven SEO Tools and Companion Firefox Toolbar

After several months of testing and tweaking, we’re excited to announce the release of Raven — The Essential Toolset for Search Engine Optimization. The success of Sitening’s free SEO Tools prompted the creation of Raven. We literally had thousands of registered users requesting more advanced … Read More

Raven Beta Test

Raven is now ready for testing. All known issues can be found on the release notes page. We haven’t implemented the Help copy yet, so it might be helpful to read the marketing copy first. SEO Analyzers Campaign Manager SERP Tracker SEO Reports Please use … Read More