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New Features: KnowEm importing, enhanced report filtering and high contrast option

Now that Raven’s new user interface has been released, and we have transitioned our automated rank checking over to Authority Labs, the Raven feature and enhancement engine is getting revved up again. Here’s what new: High Contrast preference The Unity UI provides a cleaner, softer … Read More

Did you know? How to keep track of linkbait backlinks

It’s not easy to keep track of the links created from your latest piece of linkbait. Sure, you can keep an eye on referrals in your analytics or go through the trackbacks on your post, but that can be both time consuming and incomplete. Raven … Read More

Raven releases new Unity UI

Today, we are excited and proud to debut Raven’s new user interface, “Unity.” The Raven platform has been growing up, and it finally became time for our user interface (UI) to do the same. For the past few years, we have added dozens of new … Read More

The future of rank checking with Raven

Before the Raven Internet Marketing Tools platform even existed, our agency had an automated rank checking tool called SERP Tracker. It’s been an interesting ride ever since. When we first started automated rank checking, Google provided an API for it. The expectation was that they … Read More

Important: Scheduled system maintenance

Update 3/16/11 11:32 a.m.: Raven has postponed its scheduled system maintenance—the system will be running as usual this weekend. We’ll keep you posted on a new date and time for the scheduled maintenance. Again, thanks for your patience. As part of a major performance upgrade, … Read More

Update: New link monitoring billing

Last week we announced updates to our link monitoring system. Today, we have updated the usage allotments for link monitoring for each type of Raven account. Previously, you could select individual link records to be checked once a month; billing was based on the maximum … Read More

How Raven helps small businesses

When Google's Small Business Marketing Team asked the small business community what was on their wish list for the new year, the responses gave us all something to think about. Through the responses, managers and business owners can learn about the top-of-mind strategies of their colleagues and competitors. And Internet marketers can use Raven Internet Marketing Tools to address the explicitly requested needs of small business. Read More

Persona Manager in Firefox Toolbar lives again!

One of the first tools we created for Raven was the Persona Manager. At the time, we were an internet marketing agency, and we were looking for an efficient way to manage our clients’ numerous social media accounts. The Persona Manager allows you to add … Read More

Goodbye PageRank, hello mozRank

It’s no secret that Google isn’t crazy about marketers using their PageRank (PR) score. They probably even regret letting it loose to begin with, but let it loose they did — via their toolbar. Since that time, enterprising marketers have done whatever they could to … Read More

Feature Friday: An End to the Google Analytics Token Madness!

Integrating third party APIs can present some interesting problems. This is especially true when you couple it with some of our power users. The Google Analytics (GA) API uses tokens for authorization, and they limit accounts to 20 tokens. Every time you authorize GA to … Read More