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The 10 golden Easter eggs of Raven

Raven Tools’ website offers many well known tools and resources. But there are also several hidden gems, camouflaged among the rest of the fantastic tools that make research and reporting quite a bit less daunting. There are some integrations you may not know about, some … Read More

New Feature: AdWords Search Query Performance

Raven has released a feature within our AdWords Insights tool called Search Query Performance. Search Query Performance shows the search terms that people used when they clicked on PPC ads. It also shows impressions, clicks and conversions. Both SEOs and SEMs will find value in … Read More

Raven debuts SERP Tracker rank editing

Today, we have updated Raven’s SERP Tracker to support rank editing. Automated rank checkers provide an efficient way to find out how well your site is ranking for certain keywords. That’s why Raven’s SERP Tracker is such a popular SEO tool. However, due to ever … Read More

New Social Features: Facebook Insights, Quick Views, editing posts and lots more

Today we’re announcing a new batch of updates designed to help you get more done, more easily in the social space. The updates include lots of stuff you’ve been requesting (ability to edit scheduled tweets, for example) as well as some other features we dreamed … Read More

Raven’s social upgrade sneak peek

In early November, Raven released two social media management and monitoring tools, to much acclaim (and a few feature requests). Now it’s time for an upgrade, and this is your sneak peek. Stay tuned for the launch of the upgraded Social Stream and Social Montior … Read More

Introducing Raven’s free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

I love data. I’m particularly fascinated by what you can learn in your website’s analytics to help improve both your marketing and your user’s experience. For both Raven Tools and my personal websites, I’ve always turned to Google Analytics. What I don’t love is how … Read More

New Features: Raven brings campaign variables and custom alerts to social tools

The work isn’t done at Raven once we launch a new feature. As proud as we are of our new Social Stream and revamped Social Monitor, we’re always working on new ways to make our tools even better. Here are some of the tweaks and … Read More

New feature: Raven refreshes UI navigation and design

Raven continually works to streamline our tools to make your job faster and easier. This spring, Raven made major user interface (UI) changes to bring all of our tools and settings together into a common and predictable interface. Today, we’re making more UI improvements with … Read More

New feature: Raven launches Research Central, a dream SEO research mashup tool

SEO research has never been convenient. In the early days of SEO, you had to visit several websites to gather (sometimes sketchy) intelligence data, and then you had to decide which data was relevant, and then you had to export it, and then you had … Read More

New Social Stream and revamped Social Monitor upgrade FAQs

Raven is pleased to offer customers a new Social Stream tool and a completely upgraded Social Monitor. We introduced these new tools on Nov. 3, 2011. Current Raven customers will need to go through a simple, quick upgrade process to convert to the new tools. … Read More