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New feature: Raven Chrome Toolbar for SEO and social media

I did a quick count, and Raven’s fans have asked for a Chrome Toolbar one bajillion times, squared. Via the app. At trade shows. On Twitter. On Facebook. By email. By IM. I’m pretty sure I got a Christmas newsletter that noted its absence once. … Read More

Raven launches Schema Creator WordPress plugin

I recently wrote about the importance of schema.org microdata for SEO. I stated that if you aren’t using structured data, you may be missing out on better rankings, and subsequently forfeiting targeted traffic to your competitors. I’ve been looking for a way to make it … Read More

Case study: How Raven helped a search startup slay time-sucking vampires

Six months ago I was tasked with building a search practice from the ground up. Here’s how I avoided the temporal vampires of common SEO tasks and pulled it off with a little help from Raven Tools. For a startup, time isn’t just money—it’s everything. … Read More

Raven Customer Care gets an update

Last week, Raven launched a new Customer Care page. It’s part of our ongoing work to make Raven indispensable for users. In addition to building great software, we have to create resources that allow customers to solve problems and learn how to get the most … Read More

New Feature: Link Manager gets new look, search options and Summary Bar

When we released Raven’s new Link Records recently, we promised you improvements to the Link Manager. Today, we’re releasing a new Link Record Table and Summary Bar for Raven’s popular Link Manager tool. The new Link Record table consolidates all of the filtering and display … Read More

New Feature: Raven launches better Link Records for better link building

Raven’s new Contact Relationship Manager (CRM), launched two weeks ago, streamlined the relationship-building process. That’s what most SEO and social media marketing is about these days: relationship building with high-quality contacts and high-quality websites. With the CRM, all information, notes, messages and links related to … Read More

New Features: Raven updates Majestic SEO link metrics and AdWords metrics

Majestic SEO updates link metrics Yesterday our third-party partners at Majestic SEO announced new link metrics. Today, we’re happy to tell you that those updated link metrics—named Trust Flow and Citation Flow—are now available in Raven. You’ll find them incorporated in Raven’s Research Central tool … Read More

New Feature: Raven launches CRM for SEO and social media marketing

There was a time when building links anywhere and by any means—via social profiles, page footers, directories, anything you could get your hands on—was an effective linking strategy. This is no longer the case. Google’s modern-day algorithm eschews linking schemes, low quality content and links … Read More

Coming soon to Raven Tools: CRM

We promised you an awesome Raven announcement this week, so here goes: Coming soon to the Raven Tools platform is a new Contact Relationship Manager for SEO and social media marketing! Take a look at some of the goodies we’re putting into it in the … Read More