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Looking forward: The Raven roadmap for 2013

There’s really never been a dull year at Raven, but this year has been particularly…let’s say, interesting. By now, you probably know that we ended the year with a bang (or a thud, argh! or [expletive], depending on your point of view) with the decision … Read More

Update: Google AdWords management, reporting tools restored in Raven

Good news! Raven Internet Marketing Tools restored three Google AdWords management tools to our platform today at 7 a.m. CST (GMT-6). We also restored all AdWords reporting modules. The restored management tools are: Ads > Google AdWords Metrics > Google AdWords Insights > Google AdWords … Read More

Update: Google AdWords availability in Raven

Update: Google AdWords access was restored to Raven on Nov. 28! No company likes to send bad news to customers. But it’s absolutely necessary when that news may matter to their companies and customers. Yesterday, Raven’s Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw emailed all of our … Read More

Raven adds Scribe 4 to content tools

Most likely, you haven’t thought of Raven Tools for content development. And that’s understandable, because it wasn’t a real strength of ours. That changes today. Scribe 4 in Raven Raven is adding Scribe 4 content analysis to all accounts. Scribe helps you optimize your content … Read More

New feature: Link Report rebooted for more control, filtering and focus

It’s not often that you get to make a tool more advanced and more simple at the same time. But that’s exactly what we’re doing today with the launch of a new, comprehensive Link Report module. Before today, link reporting had been living a confusing life. Throughout … Read More

Raven Task Manager and Messages get extreme makeover

Different types of software can do different types of things, but some universal features are essential for organization and collaboration. Task management and team messaging are two of them. Today we’re launching a major refresh of our Task Manager and Messages tools. They’ve been completely … Read More

Feature update: Faster, easier link filtering and new tool tips

Earlier this year – July 12 to be exact – we launched a major refresh to the Link Manager. One of the key features in that refresh was robust data filtering. The new filtering options provided virtually unlimited data filtering capabilities and allowed you to … Read More

New feature: Raven Chrome Toolbar for SEO and social media

I did a quick count, and Raven’s fans have asked for a Chrome Toolbar one bajillion times, squared. Via the app. At trade shows. On Twitter. On Facebook. By email. By IM. I’m pretty sure I got a Christmas newsletter that noted its absence once. … Read More

Raven launches Schema Creator WordPress plugin

I recently wrote about the importance of schema.org microdata for SEO. I stated that if you aren’t using structured data, you may be missing out on better rankings, and subsequently forfeiting targeted traffic to your competitors. I’ve been looking for a way to make it … Read More

Case study: How Raven helped a search startup slay time-sucking vampires

Six months ago I was tasked with building a search practice from the ground up. Here’s how I avoided the temporal vampires of common SEO tasks and pulled it off with a little help from Raven Tools. For a startup, time isn’t just money—it’s everything. … Read More