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3 kick-ass ways to use Raven’s new Site Performance

It’s simple, versatile and chock-full of data. It’s our latest Raven feature, Site Performance. Site Performance is designed to automatically check and report on 30+ SEO, site and social metrics, all with one click of a button. This opens up a whole range of possibilities … Read More

Site Auditor now checks for schema, allows error exclusions

Raven’s recently launched Site Auditor continues to get lots of great feedback while it’s in beta. We’ve even had several customers tell us that Site Auditor alone is worth the price of admission. Our developers have been busy tweaking and updating Site Auditor based on … Read More

New feature: Site Performance

As Internet marketers, we’re always looking for the easiest and most efficient ways to report to clients. The more meaningful data we can have in one place, the better. That’s the story behind Raven’s new tool, Site Performance. With 30-plus metrics in one place, it’s … Read More

Feature update: New color coding in Event Manager

Raven’s Event Manager is a quick and simple tool to help make sense of website traffic patterns and show a boss or client just how well certain aspects of your campaign are going. Did an email campaign result in an uptick in traffic? Was there … Read More

Raven spotlight: Our 5 email marketing integrations

Email marketing is a large part of how internet marketers communicate to potential customers. And mining that data is a critical part of the job: consistently fine tuning the message so that it is seen by the biggest audience possible. Monitoring and reporting on email … Read More

You can now report all the things in Raven!

Our No. 1 goal at Raven is to make your life easier. A big part of that is saving you time when it comes to generating fast and easy reports – something people tell us we’re pretty good at. But a few things were missing, … Read More

New features: Search queries, average rank and more

What’s better than inaccurate, scraped ranking results from Google? Accurate search data that includes impressions, clicks, click-through rate and average rank – directly from Google Webmaster Tools. And that’s what you get in Raven, starting right now. Our new Top Searches tool collects search queries … Read More

New feature: Announcing Site Auditor

It's the easiest and most advanced web-based site crawler for improving site performance – and now Site Auditor is live in all Raven accounts. Read More

New features: Constant Contact, AWeber, Emma and more

Although we’re still putting the final touches on our upcoming Site Auditor (just released!), we have a few more tricks up our sleeve in the meantime. Namely, a slew of other new features to tide you over – including brand-new email partners and metrics, some … Read More

New feature: SEO Link Referrals report

Link builders spend a great deal of time doing research and outreach to find relevant and authoritative sites that will link to them. They do this because links are still the most effective way to increase search engine visibility and organic traffic to a site. … Read More