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It’s time to go Pro with Raven

When Raven first created the Solo account, we wanted to provide access to affordable SEO tools. Since then, Raven has evolved into a full-fledged Internet marketing platform that also includes social media tools and advertising tools. We integrate more than a dozen data sources—each with … Read More

SES San Francisco, mustache power and one lucky winner

Sometimes we work super hard at Raven to plan, develop and execute really cool contests. And sometimes we, um, don’t. Our SES San Francisco giveaway was one of those other times. As our own supersmart Taylor Pratt will be at SES speaking on a panel about SEO … Read More

Where’s Raven: August 2011 edition

July was a busy time on the home front for Raven as we introduced our brand new online advertising tools. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, I highly recommend it. I think people will not only love the reporting, but … Read More

Raven hires two more Ones

The One Who Sneaked In Through The Back Door Tim Ambler has joined Raven Internet Marketing Tools as a software developer. Tim has more than 10 years of experience in web application development and user interface design. He previously served as senior interactive application developer … Read More

Where’s Raven? July 2011 edition

July is a bit “slow” for us…well, slow in the terms of us being out and about. We’re all hard at work internally on many different projects. We do have a few things to share with you this month, including a conference, a contest and … Read More

Enter our Best Business Shorts photo contest! Grand prize worth $1,200+!

UPDATE: We’ve announced the winners of our contest, come see pictures of our winning short wearing submissions! Shorts are comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’ll work faster. Raven’s company dress code is “Business Shorts,” and that tells you a lot about why we’re able to launch so many … Read More

Hang out with us Friday on Google Plus

  So, how ’bout that Myspace-Justin Timberlake deal? Just kidding, no one cares about that. Google+ is, of course, all anyone in the Internet marketing community is talking, blogging or pontificating about. While some are still trying to get into the damn thing for the first … Read More

Where’s Raven? June Edition

May was a big month for us at Raven, from continuing to improve our new user interface, launching the Raven Customer Care center, to spending a few weeks in New York City for several conferences. We have big plans for June (some that we’re keeping … Read More

‘Weapons of Mass Marketing’ talks affiliate marketing with Rae Hoffman-Dolan

Today at 12 p.m. CDT on Weapons of Mass Marketing (WOMM), Jon and I will be joined by Rae Hoffman-Dolan as she shares her best tips, strategies and resources for affiliate marketing. Rae, also known as Sugarrae, is one of the most well known and … Read More