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10 reasons Raven Tools is excited for SMX 2011 (and only one is food!)

It’s September, which means it’s almost time SMX East! Team Raven is exhibiting at this leading search engine marketing conference for our second year, so you know it must’ve been good the first time. Here’s a sneak preview of the 10 things we’re most excited … Read More

Announcing Raven’s “Best Business Shorts” contest winners

It’s been a long, hot summer—and for Raven Tools, that means business shorts. But fall is upon us, which means it’s time to celebrate the winner of our Best Business Shorts contest! We saw Storm Troopers, mascots, butt shots and more, but there could only … Read More

Raven hires Brannan Atkinson as chief marketing officer

Nashville-based Raven Internet Marketing Tools, which offers web-based software for online marketing, announces a new Chief Marketing Officer, Brannan Atkinson. Atkinson will begin work at Raven on Monday, Sept. 19. Atkinson has nearly two decades of marketing and public relations experience. For the last three … Read More

Where’s Raven? September 2011

Where is Raven, indeed. August was a busy month for us with the launch of our online advertising tools, speaking engagements and a little trip to San Francisco for Search Engine Strategies. September sees us just as busy with conferences, speaking engagements and major enhancements … Read More

Raven goes Gold for PubCon Las Vegas sponsorship

We’re going back to PubCon, baby, and we’re going back Gold. Raven Internet Marketing Tools has signed on to be a Gold sponsor of PubCon Las Vegas 2011. This is the third consecutive year that Raven has been a major sponsor of the most influential … Read More

It’s time to go Pro with Raven

When Raven first created the Solo account, we wanted to provide access to affordable SEO tools. Since then, Raven has evolved into a full-fledged Internet marketing platform that also includes social media tools and advertising tools. We integrate more than a dozen data sources—each with … Read More

SES San Francisco, mustache power and one lucky winner

Sometimes we work super hard at Raven to plan, develop and execute really cool contests. And sometimes we, um, don’t. Our SES San Francisco giveaway was one of those other times. As our own supersmart Taylor Pratt will be at SES speaking on a panel about SEO … Read More

Where’s Raven: August 2011 edition

July was a busy time on the home front for Raven as we introduced our brand new online advertising tools. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, I highly recommend it. I think people will not only love the reporting, but … Read More

Raven hires two more Ones

The One Who Sneaked In Through The Back Door Tim Ambler has joined Raven Internet Marketing Tools as a software developer. Tim has more than 10 years of experience in web application development and user interface design. He previously served as senior interactive application developer … Read More