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Enhancements make us happy

Every day we make progress at Raven. Some days that progress goes towards bigger projects that we announce here, but sometimes it goes towards tiny enhancements that you may not even notice. Many of those smaller enhancements come directly from our customers, which we love. … Read More

Did you know? How to understand Twitter metrics

Twitter is a valuable communications and customer service channel for lots of businesses. But how do you measure your performance there and report your efforts to bosses and clients? Raven builds in metrics and reporting features into our Twitter integration to make all of this easy. … Read More

Did you know? How to authorize Google Webmaster Tools in Raven

In March, we released an update to our integration with Google Webmaster Tools that dramatically overhauled the tool’s user interface and, more importantly, added Top Searches data – including average rank. With average rank, you can get real information on where people are finding your … Read More

Feature update: Actionable alerts on links, site changes and more

Part of helping you do more and spend less – Raven’s mission statement – is making sure you know what’s important, right when you need it. That’s why we’ve enhanced your options to get alerts to your Raven inbox. Not only have we updated our existing … Read More

Raven integration spotlight: Order quality content from Textbroker

Producing quality content, especially as an agency for clients, can be a constant uphill battle. If you are responsible for even more than one client, it’s probably not unusual for you to find yourself in a time crunch to produce the amount of content you … Read More

Did you know? Create Twitter lists in Raven

Ah, those wonderful Twitter lists you use to keep track of different groups of folks on Twitter. Did you know that they can be accessed in Raven? Create a new list, or add folks to an existing one – all while working in Raven. Here’s … Read More

Raven integration spotlight: Manage blogs easily with WordPress

Back in the “old” days, Raven was an internet marketing agency, and our WordPress integration was built into our (then in-house) tools for me, the SEO copywriter. This feature allowed me to simply manage the 40+ blogs I was responsible for. I didn’t have to … Read More

Did you know? How to edit a link record

Link building takes flexibility. At some point in your link building process, I am sure you have had the need to change a link’s destination URL, anchor text or perhaps something else. If you keep all your links in Raven’s Link Manager, editing a link … Read More

Did you know? How to set up exclusions in Site Auditor

In the two months since Site Auditor launched, we’ve crawled more than 4 million pages. We continue to receive great feedback from our users on how to improve it, and have been updating it — adding new features and fixing bugs — almost daily. Most … Read More

New look for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube metrics

Raven’s social media metrics have been around for several years now, coming on the scene right around the time we dropped “SEO” from our name. So they were due for a good facelift – and this week we’ve given them just that. You’ll notice the … Read More