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Did you know? How to set up exclusions in Site Auditor

In the two months since Site Auditor launched, we’ve crawled more than 4 million pages. We continue to receive great feedback from our users on how to improve it, and have been updating it — adding new features and fixing bugs — almost daily. Most … Read More

New look for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube metrics

Raven’s social media metrics have been around for several years now, coming on the scene right around the time we dropped “SEO” from our name. So they were due for a good facelift – and this week we’ve given them just that. You’ll notice the … Read More

Did you know? How to add screenshots to Raven reports

Ever wanted to add a screenshot (or other image) to a Raven report? Maybe there’s a new, niche Google Analytics reporting view that would really be nice to include for a client. Maybe you want to include a user-submitted photo from a social media campaign. … Read More

3 kick-ass ways to use Raven’s new Site Performance

It’s simple, versatile and chock-full of data. It’s our latest Raven feature, Site Performance. Site Performance is designed to automatically check and report on 30+ SEO, site and social metrics, all with one click of a button. This opens up a whole range of possibilities … Read More

Site Auditor now checks for schema, allows error exclusions

Raven’s recently launched Site Auditor continues to get lots of great feedback while it’s in beta. We’ve even had several customers tell us that Site Auditor alone is worth the price of admission. Our developers have been busy tweaking and updating Site Auditor based on … Read More

Facebook Metrics: People Talking About This

Over the past month, we’ve offered a full breakdown of Facebook metrics in Raven, covering the Summary, Likes and Reach. This week, for the grand finale of our Facebook Metrics miniseries, we’re tackling arguably the trickiest metric offered by Facebook: Talking About This. Talking About … Read More

Raven integration spotlight: YouTube

As the content marketing explosion continues, it seems like we’re all starting to pay a little more attention to multimedia marketing with images and videos. In this installment of the Raven integration spotlight we’re focusing on video – and everyone’s favorite video sharing service, YouTube. … Read More

New feature: Site Performance

As Internet marketers, we’re always looking for the easiest and most efficient ways to report to clients. The more meaningful data we can have in one place, the better. That’s the story behind Raven’s new tool, Site Performance. With 30-plus metrics in one place, it’s … Read More

Feature update: New color coding in Event Manager

Raven’s Event Manager is a quick and simple tool to help make sense of website traffic patterns and show a boss or client just how well certain aspects of your campaign are going. Did an email campaign result in an uptick in traffic? Was there … Read More

Did You Know? Raven’s Facebook Metrics: Reach

During the last couple of weeks the focus of our “Did you Know” column has been Facebook metrics within Raven. The purpose of this series is to give you a better understanding of all the data that we provide so you can fine tune your … Read More