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What It’s Like When Your Marketing Software Changes

At first, you log into your account like normal. But then, everything in your Raven account looks totally different and you’re like: After all the waiting … and waiting… The new Raven is finally all yours to explore. First you check out the sweet new … Read More

Meet the New Raven Tools

Five tools. That’s where Raven started more than six years ago — with just a handful of tools for SEOs. These days we have more than 30+ tools covering nearly every aspect of marketing you can think of — SEO, social, content, PPC and more. … Read More

Did You Know? Move Twitter Accounts Between Websites

One of the most common questions we get in our support inbox is about how to move data from one website to another. Sometimes you need to remake your website to fit with how your Google Webmaster Tools account was set up. Maybe you’re changing … Read More

Raven Wrap-Up: July 2013

July was a really big month at Raven, although most of what we’ve been working on here at the HQ hasn’t seen the light of day yet. We’re getting set to unveil a really big redesign in early August – maybe you’ve heard a little … Read More

A Sneak Peek at the Simple New Raven

By now, you’ve probably heard the rumblings that we’re up to something big at Raven HQ. A lot of you have asked when our cute lil’ preview egg was going to be ready to hatch. Well, we’ve taken the next step in unveiling the brand-new … Read More

Free Raven Tools and Resources

“Do more, spend less.” It’s long been a motto of Raven’s, but sometimes we focus mostly on the “do more” part (Can you blame us? We integrate 25+ data sources into a gajillion useful tools). So here’s some info on the “spend less” part of … Read More

Did You Know? Understanding Your Raven Content Scores

One of the best features of Raven’s Content Manager is the ability to analyze your content and get structure and keyword recommendations. This is done though our integration of Copyblogger’s Scribe, which helps users optimize content for SEO. Raven also gives you a readability score … Read More

How To Track Social Media Success with Raven’s Event Manager

In my spare time, I’m lucky enough to help the folks over at a great non-profit, South African Youth Education for Stability (SA-YES), with their Web presence. The co-founders and board members are not well versed in Internet marketing practices, but they do know that … Read More

Did You Know? Search Twitter for New Contacts Within Raven

When working in social media, you need to have some kind of strategy for connecting with the right people. Otherwise, you might find yourself shouting into the void at no one in particular. Unless throwing your posts into the vast chasm of space is your … Read More

Report Average Rank by Keyword in Keyword Manager

You spoke, and we listened. Ever since we introduced Google Webmaster Tools Average Rank to Raven, many of you have told us that you’d like to see this data within the Keyword Manager. This made perfect sense, and now you can see that important data … Read More