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Take a Whirlwind Tour of 7 New Raven Updates

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks making small enhancements to the Raven software toolset. All of these updates were born from users who would tell us, “I wish Raven would do ________.” We heard you, and we hope something here will … Read More

What’s a Boolean Search and How Do I Use It?

When I think of Boolean operators, the first thing that comes to mind is Anne Boleyn, Queen of England who married Henry the VIII. I am certain that there is no relation between Anne Boleyn and George Boole – the mathematician who conceived Boolean logic – … Read More

Why We’re All Failing Our Customers – And How To Fix It

How many times have you contacted a bank/airline/retailer/software provider with a question only to be deflected to some other department? You get there only to have to start from scratch and explain your situation from the beginning. If you’re lucky, it ends there. Often it … Read More

How to Report On Unique Visitors in Raven

One of our most requested features in the past has been the ability to view and report on unique visitors through Google Analytics. Good news! That is totally possible in Raven now, thanks to our fancy new custom chart creation functionality. Here’s a guide to … Read More

Raven Wrap-Up: October 2013

Happy Halloween, marketers! Ravens aren’t afraid of the witching hour – after all, we pretty much have the most goth mascot ever. We’re even counting down the 13 scariest moments in marketing elsewhere on the blog. But enough about Halloween. Let’s recap October! What’s new … Read More

Sample Email for Site Performance Report

Not sure what to include in a business development email to a prospect? Here’s one example, based on the results of a Raven Site Performance report. Prospect Name, Nice to meet you at the doggie day care summit recently! I came upon your business card … Read More

How to Find Website Competitors Using Raven

Say you have a client who wants to know how their site is stacking up against the competition. What if your client doesn’t really know who the competition is? That’s where a little digging by you – and Raven – comes in. Let’s look at … Read More

How to Create A Branded Report From Anywhere in Raven

I think that we all can agree that generating a report in Raven is pretty easy. When it comes to compiling a report, the Report Wizard is definitively a time saver. And no matter where you are in Raven, you can simply click the Create … Read More

Help, My Dog Ate My Raven Invoice!

What happens if you don’t have a Raven invoice and you need it for accounting purposes? The process is different depending on your level of access within Raven Tools. Here are the steps you need to know. Account Owners If you’re an account owner, you’ll … Read More

Choose Your Own Data With Custom Google Analytics Reports

We hear all the time from our customers what they love about Raven as well as what more we could do to make their life easier. One request we’ve heard loud and clear is for more Google Analytics data. It’s been an important goal for … Read More