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Hell year: From coding to coma – and back again

For the past decade or so, I’ve had a saying when discussing long-term development decisions and worst-case scenarios. We say it at Raven and you may say it at your office, too. It’s always some variation on “If I get hit by a car tomorrow…” … Read More

Your Explore Minneapolis to-do-list

There’s nothing like hometown pride. And Raven’s Explore Minneapolis Pinterest contest tapped into a deep wellspring of it. We asked contestants to pin their favorite things about the area and got plenty of Twin Cities love in response. Winners Gina Threinen, Milosz Pekala, Angela Bengtson, … Read More

Case study: How Raven helped a search startup slay time-sucking vampires

Six months ago I was tasked with building a search practice from the ground up. Here’s how I avoided the temporal vampires of common SEO tasks and pulled it off with a little help from Raven Tools. For a startup, time isn’t just money—it’s everything. … Read More

Win tickets to Explore Minneapolis

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Winners Gina Threinen, Milosz Pekala, Angela Bengtson, Jeff Pester and Becky Billings each received tickets worth $450 to Explore Minneapolis, a two-day event Aug. 16-17 bringing the leading digital and social media marketing practitioners and thought leaders to the … Read More

Get to know Raven’s new ‘trial guy’

Are you new here? If so, there’s someone you need to meet. At Raven, we love all our customers – including those who just found us and are still taking their 30-day free trial. In fact, if you’re new to Raven you might need a … Read More

Where’s Raven? August 2012

I’ve got to be honest: August in Nashville kind of sucks. It’s ridiculously hot, and with this summer already setting temperature records the prospect of it getting even hotter is really scary. Ana_Cotta via Compfight So it’s a good thing many of us Ravens are … Read More

Raven hires three new ones

27 people. That’s how many people work full-time to keep Raven working, improving and innovating. I haven’t been at Raven the longest—that honor belongs to our co-founders—or even the second-longest—that would be developer Jason Tan. But since I joined Raven two years ago, our staff … Read More

Where’s Raven? July 2012

In July, Ravens will be speaking in Seattle and Charlotte, chatting with a special guest on Twitter and (as always) working on cool new features for all of our customers. Read on to see where we’re headed this month. Search Exchange July 23-25 This three-day … Read More

The Great Raven Snack Project

In Silicon Valley, Google’s 33,000 employees eat 2,800 bananas a week. In Nashville, 24 Ravens eat 76 candy bars a week (hey, at least they’re fun sized!). And drink 26 Dr. Peppers. Don’t even get us started on beers. Ever since the arrival of our … Read More

Sign up for Raven’s newsletters

Did you know that Raven has four different newsletters? If you haven’t signed up for any of them, you might be missing out on important news about Raven tools or thought-provoking articles worth sharing. Photo courtesy chrisada on Flickr Raven Newsletter What it is: The … Read More