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Join Raven at Nashville meetup on Google Authorship

If you have searched anything in Google lately, you might have wondered why some results have photos attached to the article. That’s Google’s new system of rich snippets for writers, often referred to as Google Authorship. Not only does Google Authorship enhance search results—making it … Read More

Link Prospector now exports directly to Raven’s Link Manager

If link building is part of your SEO strategy and you’ve never heard of Link Prospector, then you’re in for a treat. Link Prospector simplifies the very tedious process of finding link prospects. The tool is simple to use, affordable, and the results are fantastic! … Read More

Where’s Raven? November 2012

In November, Ravens can be spotted at user experience and social media events, as well as taking a few days off for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s where we’ll be. User Interface 17 Conference Nov. 5-7 Boston, Mass. This 3-day conference focuses on user experience, … Read More

Raven’s Poker Invitational 2012: Thank you

Planning the Raven Poker Invitational is a bit like planning a wedding. Both involve invitations, guests, RSVPs and if not cake, then at least plenty of booze. Everyone should have a great time no matter how long they stay or what their seat number is. … Read More

Raven hires 1 UI/UX designer and 2 developers

“10 million strong, and growing.” Do you remember that Flintstones Vitamins commercial jingle? When I counted up all the Ravens to introduce our three newest, and came to the grand total of 29, that’s the ditty that kept playing in my head. Raven may not … Read More

Meet Raven’s product team

While everyone at Raven has been hard at work making the platform better with features like improved link reporting, new content analysis tools and better team management, another big development has been happening mostly behind the scenes. We recently reorganized and created a brand-new department … Read More

Case study: How Raven’s smart reporting makes money for one agency

Regular reports are critical for retaining clients. With them, clients are reassured (even if they don’t read them). Without them, clients wonder exactly what they’re paying you for. You know this. All smart marketers know this. On the other hand, reporting is the single most … Read More

Where’s Raven? October 2012: BOLO, Pubcon and free tickets to Explore OC

Hey, it’s October! Fall is in the air, your beverage no doubt has pumpkin flavoring in it and it’s almost time to torture your pets with hilarious costumes. For Raven, October is full of treats as we travel to conferences including BOLO, Pubcon and Explore … Read More

Raven brings social tools to Social Fresh West 2012

The month of September has only one stop for traveling Ravens: We’ll alight in San Diego as a silver sponsor for Social Fresh West September 27-28. The conference’s inaugural San Diego event will also be the beginning of Raven’s sponsorship relationship with Social Fresh. But … Read More

Hell year: From coding to coma – and back again

For the past decade or so, I’ve had a saying when discussing long-term development decisions and worst-case scenarios. We say it at Raven and you may say it at your office, too. It’s always some variation on “If I get hit by a car tomorrow…” … Read More