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How to stalk us on Google Plus

Until the new business page option for Google+ comes along, you may be wondering where to find Raven news and staffers on Google+. Yes, you could look for us by name, but to help you out, we thought we would give you a click-and-circle list … Read More

MozCon 2011: Insanely Creative Ways to Make Your Audience Spread the Word

Insanely Creative Ways to Make Your Audience Spread the Word Session description: Few people on the planet have held such diverse and interesting positions as Bob Rains, and even fewer have had his success. Bob’s talk will share amazingly cool creative strategies and how to … Read More

Google+ runs Circles around Diaspora

After a painful series of failed attempts to compete with other social networks, Google is giving it another go with a new service called the Google+ project. The key features of Google+ include text and video chatting (Huddle and Hangouts), automatic sharing of photos (Instant … Read More

6 things food trucks can teach us about social media

A few weeks ago, RavenMegan and I got all up on the new(ish) Nashville trend of food trucks when we geeked out and waited in a long-ass line for gourmet grilled cheese sandwich from a mobile eatery parked a block from our office. If your city is anything … Read More

How to install Google +1 button for pages (but should you?)

Webmasters can now add +1 to their website. The implementation is very simple. Paste a line of JavaScript inside the HEAD and paste another line of code where you want the button to appear. <!-- Place this tag in your head or just before your … Read More

When to wuss out at work

Tiny white scars mar the skin on my hands. The crescents are remnants of a “who-blinks-first” game my little sister and I played when we got bored in church. She dug her 5-year-old nails into my 6-year-old flesh until I jerked my arm away. Of … Read More

How to leverage social search with great content

Now that social signals are taken into account by search engines and Google is cracking down on content farms, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to quality content and social media as part of your SEO efforts and your entire marketing plan. Research … Read More

Infographic: Social Media Analytics

Araceli Perez of e-interactive created a fantastic infographic resource for social media analytics. Because the original infographic was written in Spanish, we invited Ara to translate it to English and post it on the Raven blog. Thanks again for putting together such a great resource, … Read More

How to plan a successful social media contest

Running successful social marketing campaigns online takes POP: Planning, Organization and, perhaps the most important component, Practice. I have worked with many organizations that spend so much time in strategy meetings and brainstorming sessions trying to complete the first two components that they never even … Read More