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SMX live blog: ‘Customer Acquisition Through Social Media’

Session description: In addition to communicating with your customers and building community, social media can be a powerful tool for generating leads and driving sales both online and offline. Our panel of experts will share case studies and actionable tactics from real-world campaigns that delivered … Read More

SMX live blog: ‘How To Win Friends & Not Be Unfollowed By People (Or Worse)’

Session description: It’s a proven fact: Twitter can be a huge driver of traffic to websites when tweets offer compelling reasons to click, and are virally retweeted to the ever-expanding Twitterverse. But remember: Twitter is opt-in, which means if you get even a little bit … Read More

How ZAGG does social media marketing

Drew Conrad directs all of the social media commerce initiatives for mobile accessories retailer ZAGG, Inc. In 2011, generated nearly $1 million in revenue directly from social media traffic sources. Before Drew takes the stage at SMX Social Media Marketing Dec. 5-6, we asked him to answer … Read More

13 things to know before a social media crisis

Social media crises are a reality and a risk that we all face today. We’re all vulnerable to online attacks that threaten having a lasting and damaging impact on our brand’s reputation, both online and offline, and bottom-line. Managing your online risk requires more than just social … Read More

Good news for brands on Facebook: Get Notifications and Pages feed

Your fans love you on Facebook. You post great content, host lively discussions and make sure you stay involved in your page. So why are you seeing a decrease in the number of fans your posts reach? While a brand’s posts are never seen by … Read More

11 social media tips to go from zero to hero

Becoming a social media hero is no easy feat. However, let’s get something straight: When I say “hero” I’m not describing those self-proclaimed social “gurus” or “experts” you’re ignoring in your streams. I’m talking about the people hustling in the trenches every day, the ones behind that … Read More

Don’t fall for the Facebook Interest List rumor

Facebook rumors are nothing new. (Despite what you may have read, Morgan Freeman and Jeff Goldblum are still alive). But one that’s been spreading like wildfire through the local businesses I follow on Facebook isn’t helping anyone out. Here’s what I’m talking about: But I … Read More

Get seen with a visual content strategy

Go and take a look at your favorite blog. Now check out your favorite Facebook fan page, the one you always make sure to read when it pops up in your timeline. Notice any similarities? Chances are, both places use pictures as much as they use … Read More

Social media crimes of passion

Social media crimes of passion can happen during everyday social media interactions or during crisis situations. You can plan your responses in advance—yes, even for issues you don’t even know are coming—and prevent a social media crime of passion from damaging your brand’s reputation. A … Read More

Social media basics for SEO gains

What’s that I hear you cry? Another Google algorithm update? Nooooo! It seems like you just can’t take your eye off the SEO ball for a second these days. There’s always something new coming into the mix that changes the rules. But what is clear … Read More