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SES NYC live blog: ‘Search: Where to Next?’

Search: Where to Next? Session description: A peek into the next generation of digital marketing and predict what search might look like in the following five to 10 years. What should be on your search radar for 2010 and beyond? Moderator: Anne F. Kennedy, SES … Read More

SES NYC 2011: ‘Analytics RX: Diagnosis and Recovery’

Analytics RX: Diagnosis and Recovery Session description: You just inherited a website—or have a new client. Where do you start? An initial analytics evaluation is very different from monitoring a campaign, so how do you even begin to evaluate a brand new site and uncover … Read More

Adam Audette on link building: ‘Don’t take shortcuts’

A perpetual black box, the discipline of link building is vital to a successful multi-faceted SEO campaign. Yet it’s a constant challenge requiring ongoing efforts and an up-to-date knowledge of search engine spam detecting technology. Adam Audette, president and CEO of Audette Media, frequently speaks … Read More

Why some sites link, and others don’t

Yesterday on this blog, I discussed eight questions to ask for better link building. These are questions you should try to answer about the sites you have targeted for links to your content. The ninth question — WHY did they link — is not as … Read More

8 questions to ask for better link building

Link building can be difficult. And sometimes you can put a whole lot of effort into creating content and reaching out to people only to be disappointed with the return. So how can you increase your chances of success from the outset? SEO competitor analysis … Read More

How to track impact of Google’s ‘farmer’ algorithm update on SERPs

As first reported by Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land, Google has launched a major update to their algorithm to combat content farms. Google publicly stated that the update affects 11.8 percent of their search queries. From a rank tracking perspective, the timing of the … Read More

Melanie Nathan: one-woman SEO show, link building master, bacon addict

You have worked as an in-house SEO at least twice. You have worked for an agency. And you have been an independent consultant for the past two years. What are the pros and cons of each kind of position? Working in-house was definitely the most … Read More

Why SEO certification is a horrible idea

Most people don’t know this about me, but I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and I even had a private practice for a few years. While I think I was pretty good at it, I wasn’t cut out to listen to people’s problems … Read More

Pro tips: How Kenny Hyder does keyword research

Keyword research is a building block of SEO efforts. Without a focused list of keywords that can drive search engine traffic and convert visitors, any work performed on- or off-site could be wasted energy. With a well-researched and fine-tuned keyword list, you can be sure … Read More

How to manage SEO clients’ expectations

Managing your SEO clients’ expectations is as essential to their success as it is to your own. If your clients have unrealistic expectations, especially in regard to the timeframe for results, then they will most likely be unhappy with whatever you accomplish and may end up giving up early or, worse, on SEO altogether. If you want happy clients who sing your praises and you don’t want your client relationships to end prematurely, there are some key principles to establishing and managing expectations effectively. Read More