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5 top tips to a smooth SEO-client relationship

It seems like everyone has an idea of what ‘SEO’ means these days – whether it’s correct or not. It used to be that an agency needed to explain SEO from top to bottom to a potential client, but lately clients at Summit Web Solutions … Read More

How does Google reward creativity?

An idea is born. The juices are flowing, and you can’t wait to unleash your newest Internet adventure. The marketing process starts with the first line of code. Correction: It starts before the first line of code. Combining great content, a diverse search engine optimization … Read More

From rankings to revenue: How one SEO helps clients make the metrics shift

If you’re reading this, then you haven’t turned your back on Raven Tools, which – as I outlined in my post the other day – is a good thing. That said, there is still a chance you are trying to cope with last week’s announcement regarding Raven Tools dropping scraped … Read More

Be an .htaccess hero in 3 simple steps

Your palms cover your sweaty face, your heart rate rises, and your extremities flail as someone squawks distantly, “We’re going to need to edit the dot H-T-Access file.” Naturally, your first instinct is blame WordPress, the IT guy, GoDaddy, or really anything so that you … Read More

6 techniques to improve your SEO social indicators

What do social signals have to do with your SEO campaign? Maybe more than you think. And the divide between SEO and social media seems to shrink every day. Google and Bing have both confirmed that social indicators are becoming increasingly important and that they are already … Read More

8 Link Building Methods That Market Your Site

Yes, link building improves a site’s search engine rankings – but many seasoned SEOs forget the other important advantages of links, like building a strong brand presence and generating transactions and conversions. Here are eight link building methods that also double as marketing techniques to … Read More

An SEO’s guide to

At Raven, it’s no secret we’re pretty into structured data. We came out with Schema Creator, a simplified way to implement the format, soon after was created. And our WordPress Plugin for Schema makes it easy to add microdata to pages and posts … Read More

SEOs, don’t ignore structured data

A lot of SEOs are still leaving structured data out of their onsite optimization. If you’re one of them, you may be missing out on better rankings, and subsequently forfeiting targeted traffic to your competitors. If you’re not familiar with structured data, I recommend that … Read More

The brain as the original SEO instrument

I’ve always thought of the Eric Clapton/George Harrison guitar duel tale as an important parable that transcends both love and music. As the story goes, Clapton had fallen in love with Harrison’s wife (who ultimately became the muse for the song “Layla”). Harrison challenged Clapton … Read More

A case study in sham SEO

How do you know when you’re not getting your money’s worth? A couple of months ago, I was speaking with a prospect about his current web marketing, and it became clear that what he was getting from his current agency had little to no value. … Read More