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Author Rank, SEO and Google Plus: What you need to know

Google has given Internet marketers a new way to prove page quality and authority. It’s Author Rank, and you can still get in on the ground floor. The first I really heard about this approach was at Pubcon 2011 where none other than Google Senior … Read More

How to find new backlink opportunities with Research Central

One of my favorite things about Research Central is how versatile it is. Each section within Research Central can be used in a multitude of ways. Recently I’ve found myself turning to the Backlinks and Keywords sections to discover new backlink opportunities that I wouldn’t … Read More

Turn broken pages into new link opportunities with Research Central

Since I joined Raven about two years ago, we’ve gone through our share of new website designs. I think I’ve been a part of three or four of them so far, and I’m sure we’ll be ramping up for another soon. And with every new … Read More

Easy fixes to improve site speed – and SEO

In terms of a ranking factor, site speed has been in the cards for a while – officially, since Google announced back in 2010 that it had become a consideration in rankings. The question is, how much does site speed affect rankings – and how … Read More

How to upgrade your competitor analysis with Research Central

One of my favorite things about our Research Central tool is how versatile it is. You can use it for just about any SEO task, whether you’re in the keyword research stage or finding link opportunities. One of my favorite uses of Research Central is … Read More

What the merging of Google+ and Google Search means to SEO

What I’ll call the “Great Google Convergence” continued yesterday as Google announced that they would be merging their Google+ (G+) data into personalized search results (aka Search, Plus Your World). On the surface, this appears to be a desperate play by Google to make sure … Read More

Three cool Google changes for real people (not just SEOs)

Google made (at least) 30 changes to Google Search in December, according to a post yesterday on the official Google Search blog. Now, the official Google Search blog isn’t one of those I subscribe to by RSS, because most SEOs like to blog, tweet, Facebook … Read More

Interview: Bill Atchison on CrawlWall, LinkScrubber and stopping scrapers

Bill Atchison (aka IncrediBILL) is a funny and opinionated guy. He can usually be found on Twitter poking fun of anything that needs making fun of, or moderating forums on WebmasterWorld. Bill has been working on a project that has piqued my interest for quite … Read More

300+ Internet marketing predictions for 2012

If you love lists, top 10s and bullet points (and, come on, as Internet marketers this stuff is our bread and butter), the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a gold mine. We all try to make sense of the year by cataloging its … Read More

New Resource Guide: Competitive SEO Analysis

Competitive SEO analysis has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always found it to be one of the best areas for inspiration and, well, free advice. When done correctly, competitive analysis can save you hours of time from a research standpoint, and it can … Read More