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7 Critical Questions For Analyzing SEO Keywords

How often do you revisit your keyword strategy? I’m not just talking about opening up Google Analytics and your Excel spreadsheets to stare at a bunch of words and think about them really hard. Nope. The whole point of keyword analysis is to uncover missed … Read More

Reddit Recap: Raven Co-Founder Jon Henshaw’s AMA

Earlier this week, Raven co-founder Jon Henshaw chained himself to his desk (that’s only a slight exaggeration) and offered himself up to the Reddit masses for a no-holds-barred “Ask Me Anything” session. Lots of smart marketers and SEOs asked him many great questions on topics … Read More

3 Ways Link Building May Get Harder in the Future

None of us have a crystal ball when it comes to SEO, but certain things aren’t so much a matter of if, but when. Let’s start with two things we know: It’s in Google’s best interests if users find their search engine pleasant and useful. … Read More

SEO Slogans: What’s Yours?

Is search engine optimization having an identity crisis? Sometimes SEO is dead. Sometimes SEO goes by other names, like content marketing or (shudder) inbound marketing. But at Raven, we’re not giving up on SEO. We’re standing up for those three little letters. We even think … Read More

What’s the best way to verify your site in Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) requires that you verify ownership of every site you add to it. If you don’t verify the site, you won’t see any data related to it. Even worse, if you don’t verify your site, Raven won’t be able to display your … Read More

Rankings Compared: Scraped Rankings vs Average Rankings

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the necessity of ranking data and the validity of where that ranking data comes from. I wanted to write a balanced and honest look at the usefulness of rankings and compare the data that comes from Google … Read More

DuckDuckGo: The Slow Waddle of Progress

I always root for the underdog. I find an absurd glee in imagining scenarios that end with the underdog carrying a trophy around while being showered in confetti or cheap beer. And since the NSA leaks and PRISM scandal, DuckDuckGo has become the Internet’s second-favorite … Read More

The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes

After 13 years in SEO, I’ve seen a lot of websites. After a while, one starts to notice trends – the same basic SEO errors repeated over and over. Most of these are easy to find and fix – the kinds of things that any … Read More

The Problem With Infographics and SEO (and How to Fix It)

When it comes to SEO, infographics suck. They always have. It’s not because they’re overused, or done poorly (though some of that is true). It’s not because Matt Cutts warned about devaluing links. It’s because they are giant-ass images! Infographics are the anti-SEO. Luckily, they … Read More

The 12 Best Google Reader Alternatives

On the surface, this looks like one more post and infographic about Google Reader alternatives, but there’s something else going on here. This is no ordinary infographic. In fact, it wasn’t even made to promote alternatives to Google Reader (although it still does a pretty … Read More