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How to measure and report social SEO metrics

As search engines work on getting “social search” just right and Facebook moves into the search game with Graph Search, there’s no doubt that this will be the year of social SEO – using social media to reach your SEO goals. But how do you … Read More

Anatomy of a search-optimized photo gallery

You got the memo. Google Panda loves it some rich content like big, unique images. So you went out and got those big, beautiful images and wrapped them in a lightbox or carousel style gallery, and it’s so cool you’ve got bruises from patting yourself … Read More

Focus on the SEO metrics that matter

Here’s the sort of thing SEOs used to sell to clients: “We’ll get you on Page 1 in Google for your keyword.” Here’s the sort of thing SEOs used to report to clients: “You’re ranking 2 on Page 1 in Google for your keyword.” Things … Read More

On-site SEO with Raven’s Site Auditor: Part 2

Last week in Part 1 of my guide to on-site SEO with Raven’s Site Auditor, we talked about on-site SEO in terms of visibility, meta issues and content. This week in Part 2, it’s on to links, images, semantics and page speed. Links Google wants … Read More

Outreach Link Building in 5 Simple Steps

As a roller derby referee, I’m serious about my skates. So when I’m at Square Cat Skates, I’m there as a customer. But what if I were there as an SEO, running a link building campaign with the California roller skate and roller derby gear … Read More

New Google Analytics metrics for a (not provided) world

Google Analytics has long been the go-to website statistics program for businesses of all sizes. But there’s a new keyword in town, and (not provided) isn’t going away anytime soon. This “keyword” represents any and all keywords used by website readers who found your website … Read More

5 top tips to a smooth SEO-client relationship

It seems like everyone has an idea of what ‘SEO’ means these days – whether it’s correct or not. It used to be that an agency needed to explain SEO from top to bottom to a potential client, but lately clients at Summit Web Solutions … Read More

How does Google reward creativity?

An idea is born. The juices are flowing, and you can’t wait to unleash your newest Internet adventure. The marketing process starts with the first line of code. Correction: It starts before the first line of code. Combining great content, a diverse search engine optimization … Read More

From rankings to revenue: How one SEO helps clients make the metrics shift

If you’re reading this, then you haven’t turned your back on Raven Tools, which – as I outlined in my post the other day – is a good thing. That said, there is still a chance you are trying to cope with last week’s announcement regarding Raven Tools dropping scraped … Read More