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How to get qualified PPC traffic with any budget

Search engines can be a fire hose of traffic. The traditional goals of SEO efforts are to find large opportunities of search volume and get the best position on those SERPs. While there have been shifts to better quality traffic, refining targets and measuring deeper … Read More

21 PPC articles to bookmark now

Jon Henshaw is an SEO guy through and through. Taylor Pratt is all about actionable metrics. Courtney Seiter can plow through some social media like a mule on steroids, and Alison Groves is speaking about customer care at the New York Social Media Club this … Read More

Pushing PPC Ads to the Next Level

Increasing competition in the search ad space requires that SEMs get more creative in 2011. It goes without saying that your PPC ads should be of the highest possible quality for all basic elements—the headline, call to action and unique selling proposition. It’s when you … Read More

How Does Google Instant Search Impact AdWords?

On September 8 Google announced Google Instant. It’s one of the most significant UI changes we’ve seen in a while. The concept behind this enhancement is efficiency. Google claims that Instant will shave 2-5 seconds per search, and save the collective search world 11 hours … Read More

Opportunity clicks. Why PPC is the right move in a bad economy.

Our guest writer this week is David Mink Want to ruin the mood at a party? Mention the economy. It might not win you host of the year award, but a down economy is the perfect time to talk about why increasing the complexity, scale, … Read More

How Are Paid Links and Affiliate Links Affected by the FTC’s New Endorsement Guidelines?

There’s been a lot of concern among bloggers lately about the FTC’s new Endorsement Guidelines. The updated guidelines attempt to address endorsements made online and strive to protect consumers. On the surface, this is a great idea. This is especially true when a consumer’s health … Read More

Google Introduces New Sliding AdSense Ads

Google continues to test and introduce new ways to make their AdSense ads more profitable and useful. Their latest innovation is sliding ads. I first spotted it on a client’s website. It was active on a banner ad (468×60) and displayed left and right buttons … Read More

Google is Shutting Down AdWords-to-AdSense Websites (aka Arbitrageurs)

Search Engine Roundtable is sounding the alarm for anyone who has created a Made for AdSense (MFA) website and is using AdWords to drive traffic. They cite this recent WebmasterWorld.com thread as proof. Publishers are reporting that their AdSense accounts are being terminated, because of … Read More

Google AdSense Home Page Gets A New Look

Although some designs are probably too late to save — cough, Orkut — Google did a very nice job redesigning their AdSense entrance page. The old design (taken from Google’s cache) sports the same super-low-quality thumbnail that’s always been there, along with their oh-so-boring layout. … Read More

Screenshots and Walkthrough of Google’s New AdSense Referral Product

Google started rolling out their new AdSense Referral product on Thursday night. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of their new product that is in beta — shocking, I know. Referrals Google Referrals allow you to choose specific products or keywords as ads on your site. This … Read More