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4 project management tips to streamline your PPC campaigns

A great project manager can help streamline your company in many positive ways – including your PPC campaigns. Yes, PPC. All the things that good project managers do – set short term goals, keep a project on budget, juggle the data and numbers, communicate internally … Read More

10 bid management tips from PPC pros

Bid management is one of the more complicated areas of PPC marketing. Especially for newer advertisers, the prospect of bid management raises all kinds of questions: How often should I be doing it? What kind of time range should I be looking at before I … Read More

New Feature: AdWords Search Query Performance

Raven has released a feature within our AdWords Insights tool called Search Query Performance. Search Query Performance shows the search terms that people used when they clicked on PPC ads. It also shows impressions, clicks and conversions. Both SEOs and SEMs will find value in … Read More

He said, she said: Why we hate (and love) retargeting

Editor’s Note: We Ravens are passionate about Internet marketing, and we don’t agree on everything. Thus, “He said, she said” was born. It could be an occasional series on the Raven Tools blog – as long as we keep disagreeing. What should we argue about … Read More

Advertising on Twitter: Is it right for your brand?

One of my favorite new advertising opportunities is Twitter’s promoted products. Competition is low, engagement rates are high, and research indicates the audience actually likes seeing them. I spoke on Twitter’s promoted products at the SMX Social Media Marketing conference in December, which inspired this … Read More

300+ Internet marketing predictions for 2012

If you love lists, top 10s and bullet points (and, come on, as Internet marketers this stuff is our bread and butter), the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a gold mine. We all try to make sense of the year by cataloging its … Read More

Ultimate list of PPC advertising tools

The Internet is a killer place to advertise. Since 2006, the percentage of online advertising spend has grown from 6% to 13.3% of total media expense. That’s $16.9 billion to $42 billion. There’s good reason for that. Unlike traditional advertising channels, online advertising is less … Read More

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Maximizing Your Digital Marketing Investments

KEYNOTE – Lessons Learned: Maximizing Returns with Your Digital Marketing Investments Session description: Lessons learned as they relate to digital media and advertising based on an array of comScore studies. Guiding agencies down a path toward more effective planning, stronger evaluation and overall improved results. … Read More

6 Holiday PPC campaign mistakes to avoid

Jingle Bells… Jingle Bells… oh, stop groaning, it really is that time again. ‘Tis the season for Holiday PPC! Holiday PPC is actually my favorite, because it’s the perfect match up: heavy (sometimes desperate!) search activity met with smart PPC ads resulting in lots and … Read More

The 10 Commandments of setting up Google AdWords

You know that Google dominates search (nearly two-thirds share of all searches) and you know that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords is a way to immediately get your website to show up for desirable search terms. Therefore, you have decided to set … Read More