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  • PPC and SEO Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

    PPC and SEO Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

    For years, I thought of myself as an SEO purist. Maybe it was a control issue. I thrived on my ability to influence search results based on my awareness of user behavior, how and where to place a link for maximum benefit and even how …

  • 6 Winning PPC Tactics

    6 Winning PPC Tactics

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is challenging for beginners and can still be capricious for veterans of the trade. Naturally, an abundance of resources, PPC tips, and guides have been written to aid the hopeful PPC disciple on their path to mastery. In this piece, I’ll take a look at the …

  • 9 Tips To Stretch a Small PPC Budget

    9 Tips To Stretch a Small PPC Budget

    Paid search can be particularly challenging when you’re working on a campaign with a limited budget. Although the popular perception is that you need a larger PPC budget to succeed, we’ve seen that running a smaller, tightly-controlled campaign of even $100 per day can sometime …

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5 Reasons That Your Ad’s Quality Score Is Not a Quality Metric

Last week, someone approached me and randomly asked, “What do you think about Quality Score?” This is like asking me what I think about the fact that they aired True Detective in the same time slot as The Walking Dead. I notice and mildly freak … Read More

How To Focus PPC Competitive Research for Better Results

Competitive research can be an overwhelming thing for organic search marketers, and paid search is no different. The bounty of information you can access to uncover paid keyword strategies is massive with tools like Raven software or SEMrush. These tools are a keyword wonderland to a … Read More

How to Leverage PPC Insights In An Organic World

It was the slamming door heard ‘round the world: the disappearance of organic keyword data. It affected the organic search world in a wide range of ways. Some folks like Mike King have done great presentations about why “not provided” doesn’t matter in the grand … Read More

Ultimate List of Retargeting Tools

For marketers, everything translates to dollars spent and dollars earned. That’s why we believe in ads. For ecommerce in particular, marketing campaigns mean direct cash. But what you do with all those visitors who clicked on your ads or visited your site and left? These … Read More

What Are the Best Options for Google AdWords Keyword Research Now?

Keyword research is a cornerstone of many online marketing campaigns — whether your tactics include PPC, SEO or content. Knowing which keywords are popular with online searchers and advertisers can help online marketers across the board develop better content for target audiences. That’s what made … Read More

What to expect in the first 4 weeks of an AdWords campaign

I recently started a new AdWords campaign for a project. It’s a price comparison service website that imports prices from all vendors in an industry. Needless to say, the website was hyper-optimized for both AdWords and SEO. I was excited to get the AdWords campaigns started so I could … Read More

How to get started with Google AdWords Call Extensions

Over the past few years, Google AdWords has expanded with Ad Extensions. These extensions are a great value-add for advertisers to get even more out of their search ads by including additional business information like address or product information. One of the AdWords extensions that … Read More

Ultimate list of PPC bid management solutions

Are bid management tools really worth the investment? For smaller efforts, you can easily build and manage a campaign directly in AdWords or adCenter, and with options like AdWords express and dynamic ad extensions you can get something set up and running pretty easily. But … Read More

Wording and perfecting your PPC ads

We’re all exposed to PPC ads on a daily basis. Most of us ignore them (especially internet marketers and people in the SEO industry), but some ads still manage to grab your attention and almost force you to click on them. What makes these ads … Read More

5 steps to turn around a failing PPC campaign

Paid search is time consuming, occasionally frustrating, and often exhausting. One thing it’s not, however, is rocket science. Even flat-lined campaigns can be resuscitated with the implementation of a few easy steps. Before you decide to give up on PPC, try out these 5 easy … Read More