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When to trust the numbers, and when to trust your gut

When I first began writing my blog, I just wrote whatever I wanted. Increased branding was my ultimate goal; traffic was an indicator. I thought I knew what people wanted to learn about, but traffic never increased. I realized that what I thought would happen … Read More

Tech news roundup: Good news for consumers

Thursday already? The news has ranged across the gamut this week, with big happenings in the realms of mobile, privacy, social and the future of content publishing. To get caught up on the week’s news, read on. Privacy built into the browser Mozilla added “do … Read More

Turn customer testimonials into brand megaphones

Before the invention of television, print advertising and the Internet, people relied exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals from friends and neighbors to decide who to do business with. A recommendation from a trusted acquaintance, followed by a handshake with a business owner, was all anyone needed … Read More

News you missed when you were reading about Google and Bing

During an action-packed week like this one, it almost feels like a tech news roundup can write itself. Major players Bing, Google, Facebook and Apple had much to say about their products—and each other. Here are the must-know headlines this week for the tech set: … Read More

Lure of the game: An interview with Ian Lurie

At last week’s Wappow Emerging Media Conference, speaker Ian Lurie, president of Portent Interactive, had insights on gamer psychology to share with marketers and user tracking analysis to share with game developers. Ian’s expertise of Internet marketing and interactive gaming crossed the bridge between the … Read More

Neuroscience marketing: This is your brain on advertising

Roger Dooley, a neuromarketing evangelist, has uncovered some science behind what many marketers knew all along. Buying begins in the brain, and thanks to emerging technologies in the field of brain scanning, some businesses are turning straight to the source to see how their marketing … Read More

Emerging media = emerging opportunity

The Wappow Emerging Media Conference is taking place in San Francisco this week. This is significant for a few reasons. For one, it’s always been a goal at Raven to provide data intelligence and reporting tools that meet the needs of emerging media. And, of … Read More

Updates from the Super 6: Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, Google, Apple and Facebook

Thursday is now tech and SEM industry news roundup day on the Raven blog. Thursday news day allows you to read up on what happened in the flurry of the early work week and digest it before the weekend dawns. This week was marked by … Read More

As the iPhone-at-Verizon dust settles…

What were your first thoughts when Verizon announced the iPhone would be available on the wireless network? Did you rejoice in the promise of actually making phone calls with the iPhone? Or did you think of major implications to the mobile market, wireless carrier competition … Read More

SEO’s own online reputation mess

When examining the increasingly social quality of the web, the Los Angeles Times spotlighted Blekko, a start-up search engine company delivering results curated by a user’s social network. Here’s an interesting case of keyword matching. The ads by Google on the article page include … Read More