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SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics comparison, conceptually speaking: Part 1

Editor’s note: This is the first post in a four-part series exploring SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics. Brian Katz, Senior Web Analyst and resident SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics expert at Cardinal Path, is guest writer for this series. This is a great time to read a … Read More

What could the new ICANN domain names mean for online marketers?

The Board of ICANN made two major announcements yesterday: They work on weekends and holidays. They are expanding the Top Level Domains (TLDs) available. What that means is, if you have at least $185K you’ll be able to get a domain like .travel or .toyota … Read More

7 tips from PR pros for Internet marketers

Earlier this month I attended the Public Relations Society of America Travel & Tourism conference in San Antonio, Texas. Whether or not people realize it, public relations and Internet marketing go hand in hand . . . I’ve always seen publicists as the original link … Read More

Tech News Roundup: New products and close up on social users

I know what you’re hankering for. You want your search and social news, dontcha? Arienne blogged key sessions at SES New York 2011 for your enjoyment, so you’ve plenty to fill up on there if you haven’t already. If you’re in the mood for more … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Social, mobile and security raise stakes

Happy Thursday, aka Raven blog news day! Japan and tech, online app security, Facebook futures, and miscellaneous fun stuff on the docket. To the links! Japan The devastating situation in Japan following last week’s tsunami has had a ripple effect in the tech world. Google … Read More

The six-step emotional appeal

If a marketer can reach a viewer in a place of profound emotion, odds are that the message will take root to improve brand awareness and conversion likelihood. The field of psychology recognizes eight main emotions: Joy Trust Fear Surprise Sadness Disgust Anger Anticipation Research … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Going offbeat

News is abuzz about the South By Southwest conference set to start tomorrow—like my post yesterday on the top content marketing trends sure to dominate discussions on interactive media. Be sure to check that out to stay in the know of the event dubbed a … Read More

Learning from disaster: JCPenney and Online Reputation Management

It used to be that reputation was everything. In a new media world where your every word and deed can be called upon with the click of a search button, reputation is now everything and a bag of chips. As SEOs, we’re well aware of … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Serious business

Search keeps changing. Apple has new devices in the pipeline. A Facebook app shot to white-hot popularity before being shut down. And international unrest shines a spotlight online. Got all that? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Search shifts and engagement The numbers are … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Mobile Mania and Man vs. Machine

Welcome to your weekly Raven dose of tech news. If you’ve been following the wires and blogs, you know it was a big week for apps and mobile as Apple and Google announced the availability for app developers to offer subscription plans and Microsoft teamed … Read More