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The six-step emotional appeal

If a marketer can reach a viewer in a place of profound emotion, odds are that the message will take root to improve brand awareness and conversion likelihood. The field of psychology recognizes eight main emotions: Joy Trust Fear Surprise Sadness Disgust Anger Anticipation Research … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Going offbeat

News is abuzz about the South By Southwest conference set to start tomorrow—like my post yesterday on the top content marketing trends sure to dominate discussions on interactive media. Be sure to check that out to stay in the know of the event dubbed a … Read More

Learning from disaster: JCPenney and Online Reputation Management

It used to be that reputation was everything. In a new media world where your every word and deed can be called upon with the click of a search button, reputation is now everything and a bag of chips. As SEOs, we’re well aware of … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Serious business

Search keeps changing. Apple has new devices in the pipeline. A Facebook app shot to white-hot popularity before being shut down. And international unrest shines a spotlight online. Got all that? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Search shifts and engagement The numbers are … Read More

Tech News Roundup: Mobile Mania and Man vs. Machine

Welcome to your weekly Raven dose of tech news. If you’ve been following the wires and blogs, you know it was a big week for apps and mobile as Apple and Google announced the availability for app developers to offer subscription plans and Microsoft teamed … Read More

When to trust the numbers, and when to trust your gut

When I first began writing my blog, I just wrote whatever I wanted. Increased branding was my ultimate goal; traffic was an indicator. I thought I knew what people wanted to learn about, but traffic never increased. I realized that what I thought would happen … Read More

Tech news roundup: Good news for consumers

Thursday already? The news has ranged across the gamut this week, with big happenings in the realms of mobile, privacy, social and the future of content publishing. To get caught up on the week’s news, read on. Privacy built into the browser Mozilla added “do … Read More

Turn customer testimonials into brand megaphones

Before the invention of television, print advertising and the Internet, people relied exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals from friends and neighbors to decide who to do business with. A recommendation from a trusted acquaintance, followed by a handshake with a business owner, was all anyone needed … Read More

News you missed when you were reading about Google and Bing

During an action-packed week like this one, it almost feels like a tech news roundup can write itself. Major players Bing, Google, Facebook and Apple had much to say about their products—and each other. Here are the must-know headlines this week for the tech set: … Read More

Lure of the game: An interview with Ian Lurie

At last week’s Wappow Emerging Media Conference, speaker Ian Lurie, president of Portent Interactive, had insights on gamer psychology to share with marketers and user tracking analysis to share with game developers. Ian’s expertise of Internet marketing and interactive gaming crossed the bridge between the … Read More