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300+ Internet marketing predictions for 2012

If you love lists, top 10s and bullet points (and, come on, as Internet marketers this stuff is our bread and butter), the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a gold mine. We all try to make sense of the year by cataloging its … Read More

Raven Tools’ Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

At the end of the year, most of us spend at least a few minutes reflecting on the highs and lows of the past 12 months. But here at Raven Tools, we’re best at reflection when it takes the form of metrics and reports. So … Read More

How Sony connects social media monitoring to ROI (and you can, too)

Love. Help! Delicious. Decent. Style. The words that customers use in social spaces give you significant insight about how they think—and feel—about your product or services. If you mine social media conversations for word trends, you’ll probably be surprised by the results. But surprise or … Read More

60 seconds in social media

Why is real time so important in social media? Simply put: Because social media moves really, really fast. As Raven got ready to launch our new real-time Social Stream features, we were happy to uncover an infographic from Vancouver-based social media agency Popcorn that helps … Read More

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Social Media for Agencies

Social Media For Agencies — Starting, Leveraging and Tracking a Profitable Social Media Practice Session description: Overcome the cultural and business model hurdles to create a profitable social media practice area. Set up procedures to quickly understand program effectiveness. The role of mobile in any … Read More

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: The Future of Agencies in Paid, Earned & Owned Media

Advertising Super Forum: The Future of Agencies in Paid, Earned & Owned Media Session description: LThe role of the agency in paid, earned and owned media, including threats of agency disintermediation by ad networks, search engines and other vendors. Speakers: Lisa Bari, Jason Damas, Steve … Read More

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Maximizing Your Digital Marketing Investments

KEYNOTE – Lessons Learned: Maximizing Returns with Your Digital Marketing Investments Session description: Lessons learned as they relate to digital media and advertising based on an array of comScore studies. Guiding agencies down a path toward more effective planning, stronger evaluation and overall improved results. … Read More

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Completing the Puzzle of Real-Time Data

Completing the Puzzle of Real-Time Data-Driven Marketing: Where’s the Missing Piece? Session description: In putting together a complete marketing campaign, we know that building an attribution model, one which determines optimal allocation and investment of media dollars, is a key practice, especially for players with … Read More

Email marketing techniques working right now

Live from DMA 2011 Boston What’s Working Now: Email, Online and Direct Marketing Programs: This session explores what offers work, what techniques work and what is driving strong direct marketing results now for email, social, mobile, emerging media and integrated marketing initiatives. Speaker: Jay Schwedelson, … Read More

Book Report: ‘Drinking From The Fire Hose’ helps analysts find the data that matters

Give me an “amen” if you have ever suffered through a 60-minute PowerPoint presentation of marketing data “results” with no context or analysis. Raise your hand if you have ever read — or created! — a report so dense with numbers that the point of … Read More