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Orbitz and online marketing: lessons from the Mac story

The big tech talker this week—well, before Google parachuted some people onto Moscone Center in San Francisco—was about Orbitz varying its search results based on computer type. Orbitz showed Mac users more higher-priced hotels higher up in the listings. Why? Because Mac users were more … Read More

Ultimate list of Internet marketing humor sites

I’m pretty convinced that one day we’ll all communicate exclusively by animated GIFs and memes. At Raven, we’re one step ahead of the curve on this – we’ve already created an entire Yammer channel devoted to them. But who can blame us? We’re truly in … Read More

An open letter to Internet villains

Dear pageview inflators, keyword stuffers and other Internet villains: We’re onto you. While we all love giant posts like “55 Coolest Superhero Powers,” not even the worst comic book villain would make us click through 55 pages one… at … a … time. And it’s … Read More

#Ravenchat guest Ross Hudgens on penguins, egos and Duckman

One of the brightest minds in SEO thought joins Raven on Twitter next week. Ross Hudgens will be our special guest for #Ravenchat May 23 at 3 pm CST (GMT-5). Ross is SEO Manager at Full Beaker Inc. and is well known for being a … Read More

The basics of A/B testing for websites

Designing a website is both a creative and technical process that involves a lot of steps and phases, from brainstorming ideas on Day One to the day the site goes live. But even then, the job isn’t done. There will always be improvements to make … Read More

“Daddy creates buzz:” 11 questions with BlueGlass’ Chris Winfield

The cofounder of BlueGlass, Chris Winfield is known in the Internet marketing industry as a regular speaker, a pro at getting press coverage (he’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and more than 200 other media outlets) and … Read More

10 bid management tips from PPC pros

Bid management is one of the more complicated areas of PPC marketing. Especially for newer advertisers, the prospect of bid management raises all kinds of questions: How often should I be doing it? What kind of time range should I be looking at before I … Read More

Instagram and the $1 billion reminder

This young couple loved their new house, except for the loud creak in the hall floor. They called a carpenter to fix it. He arrived, walked around for a few minutes, found a precise spot on the floor and hammered in a single nail. The … Read More

Ravenchat wrapup: March 2012 with Annie Cushing

It’s great to have really smart friends, and Raven Tools is lucky to have lots. We’re sharing the wisdom of some of our Internet marketing pals in our monthly Ravenchat series on Twitter, and March found us chatting with data-head and shoe queen Annie Cushing … Read More

#Ravenchat guest Annie Cushing on shoes, big hair and why you should never scare her

A deep dive into analytics can strike fear into the hearts of some less-than-hardy marketers, but not our March #Ravenchat guest. Annie “Annie-lytics” Cushing, a senior SEO at SEER Interactive, has made a career out of dominating data. She’s worked as Director of Analytics at … Read More