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Be helpful, be kind or be quiet

Something horrible happened yesterday in America. In the midst of the blood and terror, there were the heros we all hoped we would see: runners who kept on running to the hospital to give blood, first responders taking control of a chaotic scene, strangers opening … Read More

Imaginative marketing with cinemagraphs

There’s something about the emotion captured in an image that has fascinated us since the time of cave paintings. Today, it seems like we’ve moved from still lifes and realism to crudely drawn rage comic memes and simple animated GIFs. A downhill slide for art? … Read More

Finding the value proposition that sells

Value. It’s a word we encounter every day. We look for good values when shopping for groceries, clothes or services. We protect the things of value in our homes and in our lives. But what does value mean in Internet marketing? Everything. Like Peep Laja … Read More

How to pitch a client without putting them on the defensive

You missed your daughter’s school fall festival. You missed half the vacation that was supposed to relax you. Hell, you missed most of your 30s. All for the sake of the business you pumped life into. And now some kid tells you that your website … Read More

Valentines for marketers

Raven loves marketers. Share your favorite of our 15 nerdy Valentines for marketers with that special someone in your life. Happy Valentine's Day! Read More

9 ways to build client trust with your marketing reports

Have you ever heard of the broken windows theory? The idea behind the criminology theory by James Wilson and George Kelling is that when people see little things going wrong in their neighborhood – broken windows or graffiti on the bus – it becomes a signal … Read More

How to define your target audience the right way

Can you please everyone all of the time? Nope. But by choosing your target market wisely and honing in on it, you can please the right people all of the time. Any entrepreneur knows that in order for a business to succeed it has to be aimed … Read More

The six universal principles of relationship building for outreach

Relationship building is the foundation of successful blogger outreach. If PR isn’t your forte, there are few other methods you can use to open the door. The psychology behind marketing can be a very powerful tool. From neuromarketing to consumer behavior, there is a science … Read More

4 online reputation management insights from the McKremie survey

Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle. Once potential customers are there, 88% of them will research your company before deciding to conduct business with you. That’s why we produced the McKremie Online Reputation Management Survey, which provides insight into consumer behavior … Read More

The 7 biggest mistakes of my consulting career

What sort of idiot consultant would publicize his biggest mistakes to all the world? I guess that would be a confident, experienced, and successful one who has begun to value transparency and authenticity more and more as he ages. That’s me, if you haven’t guessed. I’ve been … Read More