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A Complete Guide to Comment Marketing: What, Why and How?

Anyone can comment on a blog post. But that doesn’t mean comment marketing is simple. Most Internet marketers treat commenting primarily as a link building tactic (spamming, basically) and don’t really give it a fair shake as a real marketing tactic. But true comment marketing … Read More

New LinkedIn Portfolios Make Content Marketing Part of Your Job

It’s no Google Authorship. But the new LinkedIn Portfolio feature gives individuals a way to let their messages linger on the site — and attach those messages to their own identities. That opens up all kinds of creative business possibilities, especially for smart content marketers. … Read More

Smarter Client Communication with Site Performance

Client communication is one of the biggest challenges of SEO. It can be a delicate balancing act keeping clients informed (but not overwhelmed) while making sure they set realistic expectations, learn enough about SEO to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing – and leave … Read More

In praise of the marketing rant

I’ve never seen it in a rule book, but I’m pretty sure a good community manager is never supposed to be in a bad mood. Not publicly, at least. So it surprised me when I had a bad day, shared this photo on Raven’s Facebook … Read More

The metrics that matter for SEO and social media

SEO has always had a rough ride when it comes to client services. Unlike paid advertising, search engine optimization can take time before any significant results can be reported. This can make SEO a difficult sell, especially when compared to PPC’s instant gratification. Some of … Read More

When does the world stop turning?

At least 30 people died when bomb after bomb exploded, each one timed to inflict maximum casualties. In Iraq. On Tuesday. Did you stop your marketing? Did you stop your marketing the day that Steve Jobs died? Roger Ebert? Margaret Thatcher? Nora Ephron? What about … Read More

Be helpful, be kind or be quiet

Something horrible happened yesterday in America. In the midst of the blood and terror, there were the heros we all hoped we would see: runners who kept on running to the hospital to give blood, first responders taking control of a chaotic scene, strangers opening … Read More

Imaginative marketing with cinemagraphs

There’s something about the emotion captured in an image that has fascinated us since the time of cave paintings. Today, it seems like we’ve moved from still lifes and realism to crudely drawn rage comic memes and simple animated GIFs. A downhill slide for art? … Read More

Finding the value proposition that sells

Value. It’s a word we encounter every day. We look for good values when shopping for groceries, clothes or services. We protect the things of value in our homes and in our lives. But what does value mean in Internet marketing? Everything. Like Peep Laja … Read More

How to pitch a client without putting them on the defensive

You missed your daughter’s school fall festival. You missed half the vacation that was supposed to relax you. Hell, you missed most of your 30s. All for the sake of the business you pumped life into. And now some kid tells you that your website … Read More