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How To Use Raven for Affiliate Management and Recruitment

Raven tools is best known for its SEO and social media management tools. But did you know you can also use it to help manage your affiliates and affiliate recruitment efforts? Raven has become a large part of our affiliate management services. If you have an … Read More

3 Steps To Making Your Brand Look Like an Ass: A True Raven Story

If you work in marketing, you’ve undoubtedly seen some pretty good reputation management train wrecks. At Raven, we’re no exception. We’ve watched people sabotage their brand’s reputation with our mouths agape, just waiting for what dumb thing comes next. When it comes to online drama, … Read More

How (and Why) To Stalk Influencers

Recently, someone asked us at Raven, “How is the smaller marketer supposed to get an audience?” While there are hundreds of tactics, there’s one way that always works: building relationships with influencers using social media marketing and monitoring tools, like Raven. Why? Here’s the scenario: … Read More

How to Come Back from a Marketing Conference and Apply What You Learned

So you went to an online marketing conference. It was packed with great info and smart people and now you’re so fired up that you can’t wait to get back to work and … do what, exactly? It sounds simple enough to put all these … Read More

The 13 Scariest Moments in Marketing

Marketing isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether it’s an unhappy client phone call or a misspelled post (eek!), there are plenty of moments in the average marketer’s day that can inspire terror – or at least a fair amount of of annoyance. But what … Read More

Client Communication and the Unfiltered Truth

Once upon a time in the Wild West that was the Internet of the late ’90s and early millennium, digital marketing agencies as we know them today didn’t exist. Much of online marketing was spammy in one way or another. A hacker ethos reigned – … Read More

Achieve 360° Marketing Optimization in 7 Steps

Want to score absolutely insane results from your online marketing campaigns? The answer is to optimize everything. In this guide we show you how to tackle every aspect of the marketing matrix to ensure you achieve 360° optimization. 1. Identify your avatars Before you even … Read More

Business Development That’s Super Simple

Marketing websites, increasing conversions and developing relationships with your clients all have their own challenges. But finding and winning the business in the first place might be the biggest challenge of them all. Oftentimes, business development requires that you take time, money and resources away … Read More

Marketing Reports: How to Look Good No Matter What

For many marketers, the thought of reporting conjures up nightmares of Excel spreadsheets and a vortex of time suck. You need to show not only the value of your work, but also present your results in a way your managers and clients will understand. Even worse, … Read More

3 Good Reasons Not To Use Animated GIFs in Emails

It’s hard to be an email marketer even with great email marketing tools. Copywriters have to grab attention in cluttered inboxes with original-yet-proven-to-work subject lines. Designers have to keep attention despite compatibility issues that take coding right back to 1998. So it’s understandable that email … Read More