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Agency Team Finds Raven Indispensable!

Not every company can boast customers who want to shout their praises. Raven’s been fortunate. It seems as though every month we get emails from customers asking how they can be featured on our website or in our newsletter. Click Consult, a U.K.-based digital agency, … Read More

Moz and Majestic Make Beautiful Babies Together

Beautiful people make beautiful babies. In the same way, a data mashup can be a beautiful thing when great data comes together from two sources. In Raven software, you’ll find data mashups around every corner, so we’re familiar with what makes a great one. First, a data … Read More

Lessons from Raven’s Google Analytics Marketing: Part 1

One of the greatest challenges for businesses is to identify practical, yet tactical steps to take to achieve their website’s business objectives. I believe digital marketers have become more aware of the importance of measurement but deciding on the right marketing activities that match their business … Read More

Starbucks Is Customer-Centric Because It Listened

Editor’s note: One Raven customer and agency owner assures potential customers, “We know every client by first name, and that’s how you’ll know us.” Many agencies promise personal attention; they use tools, like Raven software, to buy them time to build such relationships. But what does the client think? … Read More

Digital Disruption and the Rise of the Empowered Customer

“There is no school for customer support or community management.” ~ Richard Wright, CEO, UserVoice, #userconf We’re experiencing a revolution in customer support and service. Cute names pop up every day to clue in the clueless, but the reality is this: If those on the … Read More

The New Marketing Cycle: It’s All Connected

Remember marketing before social media, Google algorithm updates, personalization and localization? It’s hard to believe that there used to be a time when life was so simple. All marketing channels were silos, and each – SEO, PR and “traditional” marketing – had its own specific function. … Read More

2013: The Year in Online Marketing

What is it about reviewing a year that makes everything seem so poignant and dramatic? I mean, just try and watch this Google Zeitgeist video without getting a little choked up. In online marketing this year, most of us were more likely to be weeping … Read More

Raven’s Top 10 Guest Posts of 2013

At Raven, we live to make your life easier – whether it’s with our make-you-look-great marketing platform or through the resources we provide on the blog. And in 2013, the Raven blog was brimming with useful and thought-provoking guest posts from both up-and-comers and well-known … Read More

Raven Tools’ Top Blog Posts of 2013

Every year, I think I come a little closer to figuring out what makes marketers tick. And then I realize I have no idea. Take this year’s top Raven blog posts, for example. Measured according to pageviews, our most popular content of 2013 is all … Read More

How To Use Raven for Affiliate Management and Recruitment

Raven tools is best known for its SEO and social media management tools. But did you know you can also use it to help manage your affiliates and affiliate recruitment efforts? Raven has become a large part of our affiliate management services. If you have an … Read More