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Mobile SEO Preparation for a Semantic Web

The market of 4-billion-plus mobile phone users — and not just high-end smartphones like the iPhone, but also the still-growing Android devices — easily eclipses the approximately 1 billion computers worldwide. That’s a quadrupling of reach for Internet Marketing. To prepare your sites for expanded search … Read More

How to Fix a Website with a High Bounce Rate

If you have a high bounce rate on your website, you’re not alone. Analyzing the underlying factors which lead to a high bounce rate can be the difference between hitting your conversion target or consistently losing customers. A high bounce rate should be considered as … Read More

Google’s Fast Flip Repackages News Publications with Innovative Format

If you haven’t tried Google’s Fast Flip, yet, it’s worth a click. Earlier this month, the company released a “labs” version of its latest product. The web and mobile pages of Fast Flip are designed to allow users to quickly access content from 39 prominent … Read More

How to Stay Safe from Duplicate Content by Using .htaccess and 301 Redirects

It’s not uncommon for a site to have mutiple domains and sub-domains pointing to the same content.  For example, you can get to this site using or  But for on-site SEO it is important that all requests are 301 redirected to a single … Read More

How to Easily Manage Multiple WordPress Sites With One Database and One Code Base

Updated with security fixes We create a lot of websites at Sitening. Although most of our clients use our yet-to-be-released custom content management system (CMS), most of the micro-sites and blogs we build use WordPress. Depending on the client and the strategy, we can sometimes … Read More

Proof That Linking Out Actually Engages Readers

There are many reasons to link out from your website. Sometimes it’s to link to a trusted partner or to a sister website. If you’re a search engine optimizer, you link out because it helps your website perform better on search engines (I’m not talking … Read More

Do You Have An Online Strategy? Rex Hammock Does

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled to get clients to agree to put a simple blog on their company website. The idea of semi-casual publishing on a corporate website, even for small companies, often feels like a daunting task for decision-makers and … Read More

How to Grab a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page

Web designers and marketers often need full-size screenshots for before-and-after shots and also for portfolio pieces. Fortunately, there’s many ways to create website screenshots. However, among all of the options, my favorite way to make full-length screenshots is by using Screengrab! — a Firefox Add-on. … Read More

How to Enforce Your Copyright Online

Sarah Bird, the person responsible for keeping SEOmoz out of trouble, offered some excellent advice on how to enforce your copyright online. In her blog entry she stated, “Don’t get sad. Get letter-writing mad!” She offers four ways to enforce your copyright. Contact the website … Read More

Linkbait Ideas to Help Your SEO Campaign

Using linkbait is a great way of attracting traffic to your website or blog. The only factor you’re limited by is your own imagination. Whether you run a sports blog or are part of a corporate website setup, linkbait should be part of your SEO … Read More