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Creating content that gets natural backlinks

We all want high quality backlinks to our sites. But here is the question: If you came across your site and were not aware that it was yours, would YOU link to it? Is it so remarkable and extraordinary that even a seasoned website owner … Read More

6 Content Marketing trends revealed by SXSWi schedule

Music junkies, film fanatics and marketing maniacs alike are descending on Austin this week, fearlessly getting their weird on at the proverbial mecca of the conference circuit, South By Southwest. Raven will be repping as exhibitors (have a blast in Texas, Jon, Alison and Taylor!) … Read More

John Shehata Q&A: How major publishers, and small businesses, can do better at SEO

The life of an Internet marketer is far from leisurely. In between training a newspaper on SEO and social media marketing best practices and speaking at the SEMpdx SearchFest, John Shehata, Director of SEO and Social Media for Advance Internet Inc. talked to me about … Read More

Some Tumblrs

Presenting, in no particular order, some Tumblr ways to goof off today.* No One Man Should Have All That Flour “Kanye West lyrics rewritten to be about food.” STFU Parents “You used to be fun. Now you have a baby.” The Story of Man “The … Read More

Dissecting the challenges and opportunities for content creation

Sunday’s airing of the Grammy Awards highlighted a reality that content publishers have been struggling with for years. In typical fashion, West Coast viewers saw a tape-delayed version of the event. Yet West Coasters’ experience of the awards show was spoiled by real-time play-by-plays and … Read More

Content tools by Raven Tools on WebmasterRadio.FM: Part 1 of 2

What is quality content, and who needs it, anyway? That’s the subject on tomorrow’s “Weapons of Mass Marketing” show on WebmasterRadio.FM. To introduce a two-part series on web content tools, hosts Jon Henshaw and Taylor Pratt invited Raven’s Communications Director Arienne Holland to argue about … Read More

Make quality content priority one in 2011

Driving home from our family’s rare white Christmas mountain getaway, I shared a bit of trivia I thought my hipster siblings might get a kick out of. Facebook had compiled the most frequently used words and terms from status updates over the last year, and … Read More

5 ways an SEO copywriter can screw your brand

By now you’ve heard — probably too many times — that content is king. But before you rush out to hire an SEO copywriter, remember an inept king can lead his kingdom to ruin. When the kingdom is your brand, you can’t afford a minor … Read More

Ultimate list of conversion optimization tools

There's a growing number of conversion optimization tools out there. Taylor Pratt of Raven Tools has compiled a comprehensive list that we'll continue to update. It's a helpful resource for anyone working on a website's conversion and usability to save time and get better insight. Read More

5 Simple Tips for the Perfect Blog Interview

If you know who I am, then you’ve likely noticed that I’m a huge a fan of interviewing others for blog posts. It’s a fantastic way to leverage current business relationships, start new relationships and drive new traffic to the blog, but the best part … Read More