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4 simple steps to maximizing a small business blog

Your clients all have the same challenge. They must a) find new customers and b) find them at the lowest cost possible—and they are looking to you for help. So what do you tell them? Your client must have a website that is properly optimized … Read More

How To Create a Social Network Content Strategy: ConFab 2011

Social Network Content Strategy Session description: Learn how to plan for a social networking project, why much of the advice social media gurus provide is wrong, how to select an appropriate toolset for the job, how to automatically populate your social networks and online communities … Read More

Put the Content in Content Strategy: ConFab 2011

Vibrant, Compelling Copy: The Content in Content Strategy Session description: If your content is going to help you meet your business goals, you need to satisfy your site visitors’ needs. See the power of thinking about content as conversation and how it impacts the way … Read More

What Is Data-Informed Content Strategy? ConFab 2011

Data-Informed Content Strategy Session description: Learn how to analyze copious user data so that you can plan and budget for content strategies that work for audiences… and business plans. Organizations can effectively create and profit from content their audiences really care about. Speaker: Clare O’Brien, … Read More

Did You Know? How to associate links with content

Guest posts are great for a lot of reasons, but one of the primary goals of giving away good content is a solid link in return. As you begin to guest post more and more, it can often become difficult to keep track of what … Read More

How to leverage social search with great content

Now that social signals are taken into account by search engines and Google is cracking down on content farms, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to quality content and social media as part of your SEO efforts and your entire marketing plan. Research … Read More

Creating content that gets natural backlinks

We all want high quality backlinks to our sites. But here is the question: If you came across your site and were not aware that it was yours, would YOU link to it? Is it so remarkable and extraordinary that even a seasoned website owner … Read More

6 Content Marketing trends revealed by SXSWi schedule

Music junkies, film fanatics and marketing maniacs alike are descending on Austin this week, fearlessly getting their weird on at the proverbial mecca of the conference circuit, South By Southwest. Raven will be repping as exhibitors (have a blast in Texas, Jon, Alison and Taylor!) … Read More

John Shehata Q&A: How major publishers, and small businesses, can do better at SEO

The life of an Internet marketer is far from leisurely. In between training a newspaper on SEO and social media marketing best practices and speaking at the SEMpdx SearchFest, John Shehata, Director of SEO and Social Media for Advance Internet Inc. talked to me about … Read More

Some Tumblrs

Presenting, in no particular order, some Tumblr ways to goof off today.* No One Man Should Have All That Flour “Kanye West lyrics rewritten to be about food.” STFU Parents “You used to be fun. Now you have a baby.” The Story of Man “The … Read More