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Do you have original content? Take the quiz.

At last count, the Internet had 389 gagillionbillionzillion pages of content. As we quest to figure out what quality content is, let’s start with original content. Do you have it? If you have ever taken a Cosmo quiz about your flirting skills, you know how … Read More

6 ways this 14-year-old’s content kicks butt

Go down the YouTube rabbit hole and you never know what little piece of incredible you’ll find. Recently, this wildly-unrelated-to-my-search video showed up. SPOILER: It’s a music video featuring the profanity-free rap of a middle-school child. It’s title? “Don’t Cuss.” I watched it, all the … Read More

Are you crushing your creativity? Retrain your brain

Everyone knows content marketing works – but no one said it was easy. For content to have a serious impact on your business, you’ve got to be dedicated. You’ve got to produce relevant, informative, engaging and valuable works (be they tweets, blog entries, videos, infographics, … Read More

Content curation in 20 minutes a day

When it comes to pop culture, I’m an ignoramus. Not Courtney Seiter, Raven’s community manager and longtime rain on my “Did you hear that…?” parade. I share a YouTube video with 2,000 page views and she’s all, “Yeah, I saw that. Funny!” I send her … Read More

5 key lessons from a content marketing juggernaut

Imagine a company blog that posts huge piles of data, insults its readers liberally and peppers in a few F-bombs to boot. A recipe for disaster? You’d sure think so, but the content marketing strategy of OK Cupid has won the free dating website near … Read More

8 writing triggers you should never ignore

Ever had a migraine? One of those eyesight-blurring, arm-tingling, nausea-inducing, skull-exploding headstorms that makes you crawl to the nearest dark room immediately and curl up like a grub? If not, count your blessings. If you have, then you know how important it is not to … Read More

Raven’s top 11 guest posts of 2012 (and why they rocked)

One of the best parts of my job is editing and managing the Raven blog. And the best part of that job is working with the many smart and talented members of the Raven community who write amazing guest posts for us. As 2012 comes … Read More

6 content marketing lessons from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

If you invested in a $2.5 million bra, you’d want the world to see it. Preferably on a supermodel like Alessandra Ambrosio. Victoria’s Secret has taken its annual fashion show from a simple showcase of everyday lingerie to an orchestrated spectacle of fantasy costumes — … Read More

6 great early movies about early computers (and 3 terrible ones)

It’s been exactly 20 years since Sneakers had Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix and David Strathairn scampering to secure the ultimate code-breaking device. While Slate’s recent four-part series on the importance of the movie to tech culture may have been overkill, there … Read More

Ultimate List of Google Authorship Resources

Update June 27, 2014: In light of Google’s recent announcement, we thought we’d post the latest update from Search Engine Land, Google Drops Profiles Photos and Google+ Circle Counts In Search Results, until we can rewrite this post to reflect these changes. Big changes have come … Read More