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The Positive Power Of Reviews (Even When They’re Negative!)

You’ve probably heard the old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. What you might not know is how it can apply to your company’s website. Growing evidence suggests that the presence of user-written reviews on your site – both positive and … Read More

Before You Say Content One More Time, Listen

You may have heard – content is the jewel of digital marketing. But WTF does that mean, exactly? We want to generate interest and engagement. That way, content drives attention, produces traffic and – what’s that thing we get paid for? – inspires sales. How … Read More

Live Training: Get Content Ideas Fast (and Automatically) with Raven

My mind has two states of being: 1. Aswirl with thoughts, ideas, reflections, connections, curiosity. 2. Blank. Blank is great when I need to sleep. Blank is not great when I need to write. Writers, I bet you know what I’m talking about. That’s why I’m … Read More

The Benefits of User-Generated Content

On a tight budget but still need to grow your online presence and increase your search visibility? Consider user-generated content. Putting users in the content driver’s seat can allow businesses and brands to significantly grow their content, develop and strengthen consumer relationships and improve their … Read More

Why PR Needs SEO (and Vice Versa)

Is there a more misunderstood marketing tool than public relations? Many organizations end up implementing PR just because they feel they “have to.” Now stop us if we’re wrong, but you chose to manage a business for the freedom to make your own decisions, correct? Very … Read More

Press Release Tips to Get You Noticed: 15 Journalists Tell You How

We’ve all heard from plenty of PR geniuses about how to optimize your press release and pitch for your best chance at coverage, but it’s rare to hear from the journalists, bloggers and TV and radio producers themselves. Probably because they’re busy plowing through the … Read More

How Stories Sell: The Psychology Of Storytelling

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman Some psychologists believe our affinity for stories may have developed out of the evolutionary advantage it gave our species. Instead of having to learn from our own … Read More

Better Content Marketing Strategy Through Persona Research

In this age of noise, it’s critical that your message cuts through the static and connects with customers. That’s why persona research is an essential part of your overall content marketing strategy – to ensure your content is speaking to, and connecting with, the right … Read More

The 82 unlikeliest sources to help you learn online marketing

Sometimes being original is hard. Sometimes you just wanna do anything but write that blog post. And when these two universal truths combine, we get the content marketer’s standby: the ol’ compare-two-things blog post. They usually have a headline like “X things Y can teach … Read More

10 Lessons Journalists Can Teach Content Marketers

In today’s digital world, almost anyone can call themselves a journalist. With smartphones and always-accessible blogs and social media sites, everyone is now a “reporter” – under the right circumstances – with the ability to bring stories from anywhere in the world to a potential … Read More