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Blog Like a Pirate Day

Thanks t’ this handy Pirate Translator ’tis easier than ever t’ celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. In th’ spirit o’ th’ day, we be sharin’ some o’ our fav’rit piratey diversions. fer th’ iPhone: Th’ picture speaks fer itself. We be finding this … Read More

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

After years of extensive research and months of statistical analysis, I was able to develop the quintessential list of blogger archetypes. This list contains every conceivable type of blogger in existence. If you read this list and you don’t find your blogger type, then you … Read More

Corporate Link Bait Examples

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about link bait. Link bait is a term used for creating content that will get people to link to it. It’s not a new concept, but now it seems to have an semi-official term. Link bait is important, … Read More