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  • 8 Ways to Bake Newsworthiness Into a B2B Business

    8 Ways to Bake Newsworthiness Into a B2B Business

    Building a newsworthy business is the best thing a business owner can do. Baking newsworthiness into your business lines up a whole slew of benefits that do everything from mobilizing your potential customers to boosting your SEO. Being newsworthy inherently means your business is almost …

  • How To Create Content Publishers Love: A Q&A With Kelsey Libert

    How To Create Content Publishers Love: A Q&A With Kelsey Libert

    No matter what you call it — link building, content promotion, blogger outreach, relationship building, content outreach — getting online publishers to pay attention to your pitches is harder than ever. Kelsey Libert knows a thing or two about that. As VP of Marketing for Fractl, …

  • The Value of Writing for Multiple Audiences

    The Value of Writing for Multiple Audiences

    Once upon a time, everyone stood around the water cooler and talked about the same shows. After all, they’d all watched the same shows the night before. But not anymore. Now, there is a limitless number of ways you can consume thousands of television shows, …

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The Best Way To Measure Reader Engagement

For most content and affiliate marketers, simply getting traffic to their site is not good enough. In fact, if users don’t engage with their content, then that traffic is essentially useless. The definition of engagement has changed slightly over the years. Early measurements of engagement … Read More

How to Nail Content Details to Drive More Traffic

Let’s face it. Readers have less time for you. Even if your content is great, it still may not be enough to keep visitors around. Don’t have a title that pulls readers in to your exceptional post? You’ve missed an opportunity with your readers. Don’t reach out to … Read More

5 Personal Writing Metrics Every Content Marketer Should Track

When I started tracking my walking metrics with Fitbit, I began walking faster and more frequently. I started running up and down flights of stairs and parking farther away from the office. When I started tracking personal writing metrics, the same things happened. Because the … Read More

7 Places to Find Content Ideas in Raven

Building out your content schedule for the week and not coming up with much? Need a way to kickstart your mind? Here are some places to check out in Raven’s toolset to get your mind moving. 1. Google Analytics Browse your top landing pages in … Read More

How 50 Words Can Improve Your Next 500 Blog Posts

50 words. That’s all it takes to present a complete picture of your blog post — from topic to deadline — to a potential publisher or your editor. Those 50 words will help you organize and focus your thoughts. They’ll make sure that you’re writing … Read More

Six Signs You’re Contracting Viral Content

Every brand-related piece of content is released with high expectations. Publishers want readers to quickly find, thoroughly enjoy, and enthusiastically share every piece. “Going viral” is the online content equivalent of winning an Oscar for a movie or Pulitzer for a book. But with a … Read More

9 Free Gold Mines for Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging has taken a few hits lately, but it’s still a popular method to get links, increase awareness of your content and brand and receive traffic to your site. (It’s just that these days, your guest post had better be one-of-a-kind in terms of … Read More

15 Free Tools for Instant Content Ideas (and 2 Paid Ones)

Listen to this short clip, then say aloud the first word that comes to mind: Click here to listen. What word did you think first? Stinky? Yellow? Cheddar? Shredded? Nachos? All five words are related to “cheese,” and yet all five are related in completely … Read More

Press Releases Are (Still) Useful for Marketers

No matter what kind of online marketing is your specialty — SEO, social media or content — the press release is a valuable tool. Have you heard otherwise? A recent update to Google’s definition of link schemes rippled through SEO and public relations circles. Google’s … Read More